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New Doors – New Windows – New Vistas

Is there something with which you are putting up that is cumbersome, annoying and time consuming? In spite of the irritation, you keep making excuses for why you don’t have it fixed? Well, the magnificent accordion glass doors that open onto the pool and sea of our family holiday home were just such a challenge. The doors have been a hassle for years but we have band-aided the problem, as the issue was daunting.

This year was no exception… And this December, only one accordion side opened at all. The trusty wooden doors were swollen and it took a heavy lifter to get the doors open and closed. Challenged again, we chose to abandon opening the doors at all.

As life would have it, Augusta, our neighbour for ten years, miraculously took her holiday the same week as we. When we discovered that our weeks were to overlap, we arranged to get together. Unbeknown to us, Augusta had had a similar problem with her doors, and she had them replaced by manager Michael. She raved about her new doors and gave us a tour – blown away by the ease, grace, elegance and care-free structure, the doors were a heartbeat away from us. Michael not only gave us a price, a date and time, he recommended his crew of three and blessed us with coming over three times to manage the project.

On the 27th of December, the men arrived. They divested us from the ten-year-old folding glass doors and replaced the full wall expanse with a practical six-glass slider that opened to both sides. An enormous break through – the new doors are easy-care, clean lined, smooth and pragmatic. With two fingers one person can open and close the doors in nanoseconds. The pièce de résistance was Michael’s maid service which dusted the living area from top to bottom… leaving the space in impeccable order after a major overhaul and redo. This all happened is eight hours. What was a hassle, a headache and an unresolved five-year issue resulted in a source of joy and relief – and a new vista on the Andaman Sea.

Are you willing to reassess those issues that trouble you? Is there something irritating that seems not to have a solution? This New Year may I invite you to look at taking one thing from your “not working” list and move it forward. Perhaps there is an easy unseen solution you had not considered before, or an Augusta neighbour with an insight or an answer that instantly meets your need. The answer could be steps away from your front door. Reaching out to say hello might be all that it takes to open up a new vista of relaxation, joy and pride.


Paid for Passion


      Lynn U Stewart


Many people work to pay their bills and go on holidays. They don’ t genuinely like what they do. It is my belief that when you do what you love there is a way to get paid for your working pleasure. As a coach I unleash peoples potential and if you are willing to believe that someone will pay for supporting your passion, they will.

I had a session with Caroline. She lived in Provence, France a rural part of France and was out-of work. Unclear about what to do with her life, her twin brother called me and asked me to do a session with her. I did. I asked Caroline a series of probing questions about things she loved to do. She confided in me that she loved to serve and and had a passion for animals. Furthermore she had a special way of talking to animals. Additionally, animals were naturally drawn to her. Where ever she went dogs, cats and even birds were connected to her. She did not know why but… they were.

She said she had had a dream since she was eight. She, the family and her twin were at a bed and breakfast in France where animals were welcome. While there she had offered to do a little dog walking and tending for the animals in residence. It was that special holiday week that she had connected with her love for caring for other people’s pets. That thought had never left her. When she told me about a friend who had the same talent for connecting with animals. She let me know that they had found each other at school and exchanged numbers. Caroline had been a student teacher and this friend Cecelia was a school Mom… they agreed to meet mid August. It was time. Enthusiastic about making contact, her dream came together with a name.. the Animal Inn— no— she said it has to be in English for the foreign visitors— it needs to be the International Animal Inn!

I invited her to close her eyes and envision the place. She saw a field with lots of spaces… she saw herself and many animale all cohabiting. When a asked her how she looked – she responded, happy, relaxed, neutral and natural.

I shared with her one of my dreams-come true. I had had a dream to live in France from the time i was-able to say French words When I was 22, I was a teacher at the école Français a bilingual French school in New York. While there i learned about the Winter Olympics in Grenoble. I had a passion to go over and work for the Olympics. I wrote 35 letters to hotels and inns in Grenoble to no avail. Being on a teachers salary, there was no travel budget and my parents were not interested in sponsoring my dream… Driven by ny passion to go abroad, I had a neighbor who worked for a quiz show. I asked him if I could be on his show. I won $1.000.00 went down the West Side Highway to The docks and bought a one way ticket to Cherbourg, France and a train ticket to Grenoble. Once there, by chance, I met the food and beverage director at the Park Hotel and he introduced me to Erick the American recruiter for ABC Television looking for staff for the Press. Eric hired me after a pre-arranged meeting, Miraculously, I passed the test. I was in and on my way to my Olympic dream.

After telling my miracle mitsfa, Caroline asked if she could share something with me- her last animal care-taking experience was as a volunteer, a job working with a shelter in Ko Lanta, Thailand. Coincidentally, I own a Villa on that Island so our mutual experience magically doubled as I shared my love for the island. She wanted to go back to the shelter at Christmas time. A shiver of recognition went through both of us as, I told her that dreams really do come true… and,… you have to be a believer. Having desire, willingness, belief and commitment is the winning formula for making the seemingly impossible happen. If I could do it so could she. I invited her to have contact with me and I invited her to avoid negative thoughts about her project and to focus on the positieve. We made a pact to stay connected during the launch of her dream job.

Her next words were spoken with a tear… she announced that I was the first one to hear her desire, dream and she was going to go for it.


Ask yourself:

  1. When was the last time you were happy?
  2. What were you doing?
  3. If you could get paid doing one of your hobbies what would that be?
  4. Do you believe in the seemingly impossible?
  5. When was the last time something magical happened?
  6. When was the last coincidence, synchronicity, apiece of good luck happened?
  7. Would you be willing to believe in the magic moments that happen as meant to be?
  8. When was the last time some piece of fortune came your way- out of-no where
  9. When was the last time you had to remind the sun to get up or the moon to go down? When was the last time you had to put out the stars?
  10. When was the last time you noticed all that happens in a day that you don’t have to control…and that it all works just fine

If you are feeding your own negativity and wasting time worrying about things not working, consider trusting the universe and the infinite wisdom. There is a divine plan and it all works. We have all the answers inside. Take a look!


The Perfect Path to Partnering

The Perfect Path to Partnering


Lynn U Stewart

I had given up on men. After 17 years of being on my own, I was pretty clear that singlehood was my future… that is until a series of incidents occurred and changed my mind. Let me explain.

I sat in my Santa Barbara living room interviewing the next couple to be our housemates. A very attractive middle-aged couple sat across from me. As I asked them about their lives, and lifestyle preferences I casually asked Tom and Eva, “How did you meet?” Their proud answer came back fast…!

I took my bulkhead seat on the United Flight back to my Amsterdam home. A middle-aged attractive woman took her place next to me. We flew across the ocean between Newark and The Netherlands, and she regaled me with stories about her man Tim. As the plane quieted down to let the passengers rest for the ten hour crossing, I asked her where she had met him. With quiet certainty and no shame she said, “Well,”

In the airport at the end of the journey there was a couple that assisted me with my bags. Kind, connectable, and comfortable being my baggage handling helpers supporting me in organizing my luggage, we struck up a small conversation. They shared that they were on a small holiday enjoying their time together. All of a sudden as if I were taking a survey, I heard myself ask the magic question, “How did you meet?” The response was a shock. As if all roads lead to one destination, I heard the whisper, “”

Whenever I hear the same answer three times in a row, I stop, look, and listen. This was incident #3 and the magic number resonated in my heart. I was being asked by the universe to be a candidate/participant on

Upon my return to my Herengracht apartment in Amsterdam, I told my family of the synchronicity. My business-partner, author, sister asked me if she could write my profile. Delighted with the impromptu offer, I enthusiastically responded with a resounding “Yes! What a pleasure!” To my surprise, she jumped on the project and produced a document that filled me with both joy and peace.

That night, I joined and started the process. To my great surprise, the site was a Dutch url and my “not-yet-so-perfect-command” of the Dutch language proved to be my next challenge. Just as I was struggling with my first response, the phone rang with Charlotte, my neighbor, sweetly checking in on the other end of the iPhone. Charlotte then suggested screen sharing on Skype so she could assist me with the Dutch questions. I was “all in” and actually enthusiastic about her joining my team to manifest my partner. What a “mitsfa,” what a series of synchronicities was on my path, as green lights kept flashing at my destiny. I was having fun with this and my support team was assembling as I sourced my answers.


That night the project was effortlessly launched. The relationship door was magically opening and the next chapter was about to open. The very next day a response came to me and the next story begins.

Is fate knocking at your door? Are you tuning into your messages? Are you willing to read the clues and let the universe deliver on your wildest dreams? Are you willing to believe that it is never too late? May I invite you to stop, look, and listen to the whispers of your own guidance?

Lucky #7 Tram, Amsterdam

STOPlichtFrom: the Magical things happen every day Collection

I love my work: coaching, training, story telling and supporting people in having what they want.

I work whenever an opportunity presents itself. This is not new news but somehow, clients come my way and, this has been the case for thirty-five years. They find me. I am not usually looking for them, they just appear — everywhere. There have always been just enough never too much but just enough work/clients/ corporations to keep things interesting, challenging and exciting.

I was invited by my banker to a special event at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, for an evening out. It was a professional business event for clients and at that event, I met a bright energetic woman Bregje. Blonde, perky and rather sparkling, she and I struck up a conversation. She had a delighted-with-life sparkle in her eyes that was compelling.
We sat together for the performance, had drinks like new friends afterwards, talked about the play and exchanged cards-information. We discovered our fields to be the same… human development. She is a workshop leader-presenter and I am a Master Coach – teacher, trainer and now my latest venturr, author.

We never made contact, life became to busy.

Three months later at another event, given by a friend, there she was again and we were this time, dinner partners. We connected again and renewed our promise to make contact.

We didn’t make contact. I saw her card, put it in a safe place but never called, too much gong on and no time.

Three weeks later, I had an appointment in Oosterpark area of town. Upon leaving, I stepped into the #7 Tram sat down, pulled out my I-Phone and retrieved my Emails. Absorbed with news and updates, I never noticed, the person who had seated herself next to me… When I heard my name, my concentration was broken, startled, I looked over and there was Bregje staring at me nose to nose, centimeters away.
“It’s you, wow what a coincidence,” she said
“Help me with your name,” I responded.
“Bregje, remember me?” she said with a twinkle.
“Never called, too busy eh?”
“no, sorry…me either!”
We visited for a fifteen minutes and we covered the mundane, tram travel, broken bicycles, not enough time, Amsetrdam without bikes, iPhones, computers creativity, work, schedules and life…we got off at the Leidseplein, exchanged cards again and promised to make contact.

We didn’t.

Two weeks later, the same appointment rescheduled form the former week at the OLVG Ziekenhuis, and again the #7 tram. I wondered if Bregje would be on the lucky 7 tram today? I pushed that thought away knowing how preposterous that was to even conjure and made my way into the accordion doors of the tram. I cautiously side-stepped though the half empty tram and took a single seat on the left and accessed my iPhone. When I heard my name this time, I was really startled. There she was across the aisle in a window-seat with an empty seat next to her. I slid across to the other side,
“Ok that’s it, now we really have to meet, this is the second time in a week that we have found each other on the now-named Lucky #7 tram in the same row. We really must meet to see what all of this means. We are clearly meant to do something together.”
“what could that be?” she asked.
“Not sure but let’s connect the dots and see what life has in store for us…this must be really big… a burning bush, a sign, a message that we are to do who knows what?”

Before we left the tram on the Leidseplein stop, we made a coffee date for the following Saturday morning 11:00 sharp, my home, on the Herengracht. Our visit was to be an interpersonal archeological dig to figure out what the serendipitous connections meant… we had all the clues.

When she arrived, I had just returned from researching make, models and prices for weekly bicycle rentals. Having been through knee surgery and shoulder surgery over a two-year span, I was feeling fit, feisty and healthy enough to do the research. My conversation on the tram with Bregje had inspired that curiosity in me. It had been five years since I cycled in Amsterdam. I was motivated.

After a small house tour, a little conversation over my best dark roast, I stated the obvious, our purpose for meeting,
“we have 30 minutes left to discuss/discover what we are to do together.. shall I start with some questions and maybe some things I have been considering?”
“Sure,” was the response.
“Did you get your broken bike back? Did you make a choice to buy your Mac? Well before you answer here’s what I’m looking for:
I want someone to go to the MacBike shop with me to rent-a-bike Alternatively, I want someone to help me organize my computer…
Do either of those activities appeal to you?

In no time Bregje and I were on our way to Central Station to rent a bike. On the way we stopped to look at computers for her at the Mac House. She said her creativity was connected to buying a Mac and she had been thinking about investing in an iMac for months.

I rented a bike, she made a computer appointment. As we walked the bike back to my house, the final piece fell into place. There was a reflective moment as we said our good byes, and a moment again about her creativity. She had closed the door on her acting career many years ago and wanted to re-find that energy again. She asked for an intake about coaching with me.

Today we have a connection over bike riding in Amsterdam, Mac computers and I have a new client.

Whether in a hot tub, on a ski lift, at the iPhone store, clients with questions are everywhere. If your awake, living the process and put out your intention to serve them, loving, grateful and appreciative clients will find you!

Was it all because of the lucky tram #7 or…the universe weaving its magic for two souls to connect.

“The Untold Story” – The inside story

Family Fusion
By Lynn U. Stewart

The timing was right. The dates were clear on five people’s calendars and all indicators were “Green Lights.” Phase II of the Docudrama would proceed in spite of the funding process being in its infancy… the message was to “seize the moment.”

Cherie, Michael, Brenda, and Will Harper had a brief hiatus between projects. Lynn had a break from teaching in Holland, Barbara could break away from her responsibilities in New Jersey. Synchronicity is often about reading the signs and taking action even when all the “I’s” are not dotted. Everyone booked their air travel while Cherie and Michael located an apartment for six of us in the Murray Hill district of New York’s East side, John Robert Powers modeling was contacted for young female actors, and the request was initiated for an afternoon shoot at Convent of the Sacred Heart, our Alma mater.

Oct 18, 2009 –We landed at Newark airport within hours of each other, boarded our mini-van, and descended on our sister Barbara for two of the six-day shoot.

It was a chilly autumn day in Elberon, New Jersey. Michael and Will were headed off to 900 and the sisters were staying behind to welcome Cherie’s daughter Jenn who was arriving from Dubai by train from NYC. At the final moment, I got a message. “Get in the car!” the inner voice commanded and before I knew it, the “Go/no go” decision was silenced as I watched the scenery fly by the van cruising down the driveway. Something was compelling me to accompany our production team. I didn’t know why I had to be there, but I trusted the feeling.

After winding our way through the autumn foliage of Locust, finding Shrewsbury Bridge, we drove through the flooded streets of Long Branch, and cruised up Ocean Avenue. We turned into a driveway, flanked with stone pillars crowned with eagles. The experience was about to be launched. When the ancient stained-glass door opened to the warm welcoming of Douglas Jemal, we knew there was magic in the air. Douglas is the home-owner of our family home for the last forty years. He was anticipating working in Washington on the one day shoot at the house. Wood-worker and caretaker, Andy was supposed to greet us, however, at the last minute Andy opted to be elsewhere. Douglas jumped at the opportunity to be there himself. There was an instant connection between all four of us. As we started to scope out the location, Douglas went in search of coffee.

When he returned, we chatted about his love for cold weather, running with his dogs on the beach and the recounting of the day he chose to buy our family home. When our home became his home, it changed his life. He bought our once, forty-room mansion from our father in 1971 for $100,000. That was the moment he connected with the “spirit of the house.” He talked about the changes his wife had made to the house and how he had removed the circular porch and port-cushier. On a psychic level he recalled, “the house was unhappy and I felt it.”

An renowned master of restoration for period buildings in Washington D.C., Douglas Jemal began a serious restoration project. In addition to paneling the halls, painting a mural on the central atrium ceiling, leveling the floors, and replacing every pipe, he had upgraded the lighting, refurbished every mantel, sent carpets to Cairo for reweaving and installed alarm and sprinkler systems throughout the mansion. The piece-de-resistance was importing original paneled walls from Napoleon’s Castle outside of Paris. He had been installed the antique panels in one of the downstairs sitting rooms. Our home had been magnificently restored to period by a team of master-craftsmen.

As we walked and talked about the shoot on the following day, Will felt compelled to do a brief segment on Douglas. He recounted parts of his retail-family story, and his relationship to his brothers. His story was going from rags-to-riches. Our story was going from riches-to-rags. That in and of itself was a connector. As he told his story the bond between us deepened. Will asked me to step into the shoot. I had a moment with Douglas that touched me. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude to this man who cared for, upgraded, restored, and honored our family home. As I stood there, I looked into the eyes of another father who had raised his family of six during these last forty years. At that moment, Douglas glanced at Will and told him that many filmmakers had approached him requesting to film his story. He confessed that he had never felt comfortable enough to do that. His connection with Will was strong enough to state “Your face is full of sunshine.” Then the two men exchanged business cards.

At a certain moment we told Douglas the story line for the following day. In addition to having the three sisters reminisce about the house, we were looking for someone to play our mother and a six-year-old little Cherie.

“My daughter Sally could be Mary and my granddaughter, Joyce, is the perfect age to be little Cherie.”

Without further ado, Douglas was on the phone asking Sally if she and Joyce could make themselves available for the shoot on the following afternoon.

The requisite cast was magically manifested as a result of that interview with Douglas. Mother and daughter appeared the next day to give a stunning performance as the missing members of the Untermeyer family cast.

A most unexpected family-fusion launched an unforgettable week. The soul of our home magnetized the union of two families.