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Lost and Found again – the return of the prodigal bike


I often think that the angels are always looking after me, but I don’t always have proof. Sometimes life is so graphic that it is uncanny.  Yesterday was one of those days, and today I am a big believer in perpetual guidance as their benevolent caretaking is undeniable.

My living room was filled with magnificent bright slanted winter light. As I made my way across the room, I pulled the curtains on both my big canal windows, as I always do in the morning.  Sleepy Amsterdam was alive and well and I was slowly joining the ranks of early risers. It was 7:00.  

I took a small pause at the north window and sat down on the cozy bench to review the day. I noticed that all the diagonal parking places were empty. Thinking that the house boat across the street was possibly under construction,  I assumed that the road had been blocked to traffic for the day~ not uncommon to Amsterdam center activities.  There is always someone moving house, so roads are closed to traffic all the time; after all, the missing cars were not so alarming and rather easy to explain. 

I puttered around the kitchen emptying the dishwasher, poured myself a second mango juice and mindfully made my way back to the cozy bench. 
When the phone rang, I retrieved it in the hall  and made a spontaneous choice for a quick shower. Reviewing my day, I chose to skip the gym and have a luxurious start doing morning rituals. After my shower, I consciously picked up my phone and rapidly returned to my perch by the window for another look at my canal…  for the third time I slid into my seat, only to see two men holding my bike. A giant pair of scissors had removed the lock and they were carrying the bike away to a nearby truck.

In just a few seconds,  I put on my gold sneakers and ran down three flights of stairs into the street.  Wow, I  thought, what are the chances of this happening? The Amsterdam Municipal truck and three strong guys were divesting the street of all bikes, and I was watching them confiscating my trusty Batavus.

I had a sudden flashback of 5 years ago, when I mindlessly left my keys in the bike and it was stolen – that same bike that was returned to me by the Amsterdam police after one year!  After its return, the prodigal bike had been my chariot ever since. So here we were again, on the brink of another incident.

When I got to the street, the guys were standing there checking out their work. I approached them and said:

“ I saw you take my bike away, you removed the lock, cut off a link and took it from the bike rack. It was the turquoise one on the end. “

“This one?”  He pointed to the one on the truck.

“Yes, that’s the one… may I have it back?”, I asked nervously like a small child.

” Sure,”  he said and ran up the ramp. He grabbed the bike and quickly stepped down the slanted ramp with my aqua Batavus. 

“Here you go… didn’t you see the giant yellow signs?” He inquired.

“No, I did not notice”, I confessed  uneasily.

“The sign has been there for three days!”

“ Perhaps, I should pay more attention”

“We are doing some work on the lights and need to get acces to the entire canal bank. Sorry for any inconvenience”. 

“ I am so pleased with your response and courtesy, I would like to take a photo with you, may I? This is a story with a great ending for me and cause for celebration. You see, in 2015 I lost the very same bike for one year. The Amsterdam police found it and one year later we were reunited… I consider this miracle material and proof that miracles do happen. What are the chances of me looking out of my window at the exact moment that you were confiscating my bike ~ and in time for me to run down and claim ownership  ~ and you would grant me the opportunity of having it back with no consequences? So I want to say thank you for doing your job and considering the possibility of human error, I should have read the sign!”

I took myself out for breakfast at the Brasserie Baton and bought a big bouquet of lilies to celebrate the return of the prodigal bicycle.

Paid for Passion


      Lynn U Stewart


Many people work to pay their bills and go on holidays. They don’ t genuinely like what they do. It is my belief that when you do what you love there is a way to get paid for your working pleasure. As a coach I unleash peoples potential and if you are willing to believe that someone will pay for supporting your passion, they will.

I had a session with Caroline. She lived in Provence, France a rural part of France and was out-of work. Unclear about what to do with her life, her twin brother called me and asked me to do a session with her. I did. I asked Caroline a series of probing questions about things she loved to do. She confided in me that she loved to serve and and had a passion for animals. Furthermore she had a special way of talking to animals. Additionally, animals were naturally drawn to her. Where ever she went dogs, cats and even birds were connected to her. She did not know why but… they were.

She said she had had a dream since she was eight. She, the family and her twin were at a bed and breakfast in France where animals were welcome. While there she had offered to do a little dog walking and tending for the animals in residence. It was that special holiday week that she had connected with her love for caring for other people’s pets. That thought had never left her. When she told me about a friend who had the same talent for connecting with animals. She let me know that they had found each other at school and exchanged numbers. Caroline had been a student teacher and this friend Cecelia was a school Mom… they agreed to meet mid August. It was time. Enthusiastic about making contact, her dream came together with a name.. the Animal Inn— no— she said it has to be in English for the foreign visitors— it needs to be the International Animal Inn!

I invited her to close her eyes and envision the place. She saw a field with lots of spaces… she saw herself and many animale all cohabiting. When a asked her how she looked – she responded, happy, relaxed, neutral and natural.

I shared with her one of my dreams-come true. I had had a dream to live in France from the time i was-able to say French words When I was 22, I was a teacher at the école Français a bilingual French school in New York. While there i learned about the Winter Olympics in Grenoble. I had a passion to go over and work for the Olympics. I wrote 35 letters to hotels and inns in Grenoble to no avail. Being on a teachers salary, there was no travel budget and my parents were not interested in sponsoring my dream… Driven by ny passion to go abroad, I had a neighbor who worked for a quiz show. I asked him if I could be on his show. I won $1.000.00 went down the West Side Highway to The docks and bought a one way ticket to Cherbourg, France and a train ticket to Grenoble. Once there, by chance, I met the food and beverage director at the Park Hotel and he introduced me to Erick the American recruiter for ABC Television looking for staff for the Press. Eric hired me after a pre-arranged meeting, Miraculously, I passed the test. I was in and on my way to my Olympic dream.

After telling my miracle mitsfa, Caroline asked if she could share something with me- her last animal care-taking experience was as a volunteer, a job working with a shelter in Ko Lanta, Thailand. Coincidentally, I own a Villa on that Island so our mutual experience magically doubled as I shared my love for the island. She wanted to go back to the shelter at Christmas time. A shiver of recognition went through both of us as, I told her that dreams really do come true… and,… you have to be a believer. Having desire, willingness, belief and commitment is the winning formula for making the seemingly impossible happen. If I could do it so could she. I invited her to have contact with me and I invited her to avoid negative thoughts about her project and to focus on the positieve. We made a pact to stay connected during the launch of her dream job.

Her next words were spoken with a tear… she announced that I was the first one to hear her desire, dream and she was going to go for it.


Ask yourself:

  1. When was the last time you were happy?
  2. What were you doing?
  3. If you could get paid doing one of your hobbies what would that be?
  4. Do you believe in the seemingly impossible?
  5. When was the last time something magical happened?
  6. When was the last coincidence, synchronicity, apiece of good luck happened?
  7. Would you be willing to believe in the magic moments that happen as meant to be?
  8. When was the last time some piece of fortune came your way- out of-no where
  9. When was the last time you had to remind the sun to get up or the moon to go down? When was the last time you had to put out the stars?
  10. When was the last time you noticed all that happens in a day that you don’t have to control…and that it all works just fine

If you are feeding your own negativity and wasting time worrying about things not working, consider trusting the universe and the infinite wisdom. There is a divine plan and it all works. We have all the answers inside. Take a look!


The Perfect Path to Partnering

The Perfect Path to Partnering


Lynn U Stewart

I had given up on men. After 17 years of being on my own, I was pretty clear that singlehood was my future… that is until a series of incidents occurred and changed my mind. Let me explain.

I sat in my Santa Barbara living room interviewing the next couple to be our housemates. A very attractive middle-aged couple sat across from me. As I asked them about their lives, and lifestyle preferences I casually asked Tom and Eva, “How did you meet?” Their proud answer came back fast…!

I took my bulkhead seat on the United Flight back to my Amsterdam home. A middle-aged attractive woman took her place next to me. We flew across the ocean between Newark and The Netherlands, and she regaled me with stories about her man Tim. As the plane quieted down to let the passengers rest for the ten hour crossing, I asked her where she had met him. With quiet certainty and no shame she said, “Well,”

In the airport at the end of the journey there was a couple that assisted me with my bags. Kind, connectable, and comfortable being my baggage handling helpers supporting me in organizing my luggage, we struck up a small conversation. They shared that they were on a small holiday enjoying their time together. All of a sudden as if I were taking a survey, I heard myself ask the magic question, “How did you meet?” The response was a shock. As if all roads lead to one destination, I heard the whisper, “”

Whenever I hear the same answer three times in a row, I stop, look, and listen. This was incident #3 and the magic number resonated in my heart. I was being asked by the universe to be a candidate/participant on

Upon my return to my Herengracht apartment in Amsterdam, I told my family of the synchronicity. My business-partner, author, sister asked me if she could write my profile. Delighted with the impromptu offer, I enthusiastically responded with a resounding “Yes! What a pleasure!” To my surprise, she jumped on the project and produced a document that filled me with both joy and peace.

That night, I joined and started the process. To my great surprise, the site was a Dutch url and my “not-yet-so-perfect-command” of the Dutch language proved to be my next challenge. Just as I was struggling with my first response, the phone rang with Charlotte, my neighbor, sweetly checking in on the other end of the iPhone. Charlotte then suggested screen sharing on Skype so she could assist me with the Dutch questions. I was “all in” and actually enthusiastic about her joining my team to manifest my partner. What a “mitsfa,” what a series of synchronicities was on my path, as green lights kept flashing at my destiny. I was having fun with this and my support team was assembling as I sourced my answers.


That night the project was effortlessly launched. The relationship door was magically opening and the next chapter was about to open. The very next day a response came to me and the next story begins.

Is fate knocking at your door? Are you tuning into your messages? Are you willing to read the clues and let the universe deliver on your wildest dreams? Are you willing to believe that it is never too late? May I invite you to stop, look, and listen to the whispers of your own guidance?

Lost and Found

Expect Miracles Series

An American Woman Loses Her Bike in Amsterdam

By Lynn U. Stewart


Have you ever lost something and thought it would be gone forever? Well this is such a story…

I love my bike! One of the great things about living in Amsterdam is that bikes are not only a means of recreation, they are a primary means of transportation. That means that the biking days of childhood never have to end; biking allows me to feel forever young.

Several years ago, I knew I wanted a bike. I did a lot of research. I visited the local bike shop, asked 20 questions, and marveled at all the bikes hanging from the ceiling and mounted on the walls. That’s when I found the one.

It was an Aqua Batavus—a real Dutch bicycle with concealed chains and gears hidden behind a covered case. That meant I could wear a long dress or wide bottom trouser and never have to think about fabric getting into the gears, as they were neatly tucked away. After taking the bike for a spin, I knew I loved it.

Feeling uncertain as to whether I was really going to use a bicycle or not, I chose an infamous Mac-Bike rental for two weeks. However, I asked the bike shop for the “first right of refusal” if someone wanted to buy the Aqua Batavus I loved so dearly—I’d have first choice to purchase it. I wanted to test my commitment to bike riding in Amsterdam. After all, I am an American living in Amsterdam. How safe can riding a bicycle in traffic be? The truth, however, is the bike is king on Amsterdam streets. With bike maps, lanes, and lights, I knew I was in luck—the Amsterdam bikers have right-of-way.

After a week of riding my bike every day and realizing how much fun it was, I called the shop to ask them If they still had my Batavus. I was in luck! I became a proud owner of my first Dutch bicycle that day, fully equip with a license number and insurance for theft.

For five years I peddled around Amsterdam each day, from the grocery store to the pharmacy, to the trams and trains; those two tires took me everywhere. I was proud and happy, careful yet carefree.

And then one day, I was careless. As I unloaded a multitude of things from my bike that day, I left it in front of my door with the keys in the lock. Now if that isn’t fodder for a real live neg-attack I don’t know what is.

Since I teach and train others to build relationships with themselves, I know the difference between taking responsibility and having a big neg-attack. I recognize how stupid it was to leave the keys in the bike in the middle of the city. I also realize that getting mad at myself wasn’t going to bring my bicycle back. So I mourned the loss of my bicycle and thought, “someone must need my bike more than I do.”  I let go of the shame, embarrassment, and carelessness, released myself from being to blame and gave my bike to the universe. With a million bikes on the city streets it was like looking for a needle in a haystack—the bike was gone.

Soon after, I went back to MacBike Rentals, booked another bicycle, and reported its loss to the Amsterdam police.

As further “rationalization,” I told myself since I was going to Bangkok for two months, I would purchase another bicycle upon my return. So… no beat-ups for me. After all, I had owned my bike for five years.

When I returned home from Bangkok I bought a new Batavus bicycle. Two days later, however, I had a message on my voicemail from the Bike Depot. They had found a bike. Incredulous, that this was possible with all of those bikes lost and dredged from the Gracht I couldn’t imagine that this was true. I called the depot and sure enough, they had my bike. Together, with my friend Joy, we went on the bike retrieval hunt and found it there at the police station, one in a million! I signed the papers and took my Aqua Batavus home. I now have two bicycles—one for family, friends, and staff, and one for me. I am the proud owner of two Dutch bikes.

I know that letting go and not taking myself to task for such an unforgiveable mistake opened the door for the bicycle to come back to me. I knew, there must be a lesson in here somewhere…

As Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott says in her New York Times bestselling book, If Life Is a Game These Are the Rules, The Ten Rules for Being Human: Rule #4 “There are no mistakes only lessons.”

Is there anything you have lost and gotten angry with yourself for due to your carelessness? Well I am here to tell you that by letting go, I got my bike back and you can too.

If you like this story and want to read more of the Expect Miracles Series please visit our website at for workshops and seminars on building a relationship with yourself based on positive attention and self love.

Lynn U Stewart, Director of The MMS Worldwide Institute B.V.

Why Holland?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

People always ask me, “Why Holland?”, “Why has MMS chosen Holland and how did you get here?” My answer is always the same… the weather. Well here is the real story, from my point of view.
 MMS didn’t choose Holland
Holland chose MMS first and then
MMS chose Holland

In 1984 Cherie met Frits Philips Junior at a conference in Switzerland. They discovered that they had something in common: a love for people.

Frits was teaching people the Harvard Negotiation techniques and Cherie was teaching people how to tune in, love themselves and follow their inner messages. They found their work, at the very least, complimentary. After many years Frits and Cherie were exploring ways for them to work together. Cherie believed that Frits’ daughter Christine coming to the US, working with Lynn and Cherie at the MMS and taking the MMS programs was the best option. Christine participated in the Inner Negotiation workshop, the Coach Training and worked on the Employee Owned Change  program in three different organizations.

Convinced that there was nothing like this work in Holland, Christine told her father that the MMS was special and that “Holland needed this work!” Frits flew to the US to participate in the Inner Negotiation Workshop, to learn more about the work and to meet me. After a productive visit in the US and arriving back home in the Netherlands, Frits told his family about the two sisters in Los Angeles. As a result of that mutual experience he partnered with his daughter to bring the work to Holland.

In August of 1988 MMS and Frits Philips and Partners cooperated to bring the Inner Negotiation Workshop to the Netherlands. Thirty-three people gathered together to take the first program and the work was launched. Frits then chose to be the first MMS licensee in Holland. Over the next fifteen years, the work was passed from Frits to Vorst Impuls, to De Baak, to Life Design Consultancy. And all the while people would say MMS is a boutique operation and it needed to have it’s own “umbrella.”

Therefore in 2003 Cherie and I had a meeting. This was the moment for MMS to stand tall and take its place in the Dutch world as a BV supported by its gracious group of Ambassadors. I chose to be the director while Cherie chose her self appointed job as the Dutch Ambassador in America telling the world about the gracious hospitality and special qualities of Holland and the Dutch people.

But the question remains why would I leave Santa Barbara for Holland?

And the answer is… the Dutch people. I perceived a group of generous people who have hosted my/our visit and continue to open doors and make things happen for us and for others who value the freedom of the human spirit. The essence of the work is creativity, discovery, experiments, breakthroughs, risks and rewards and true bottom line, transformation.  Participants are able to review the present, discover and change past patterns and plan the future. Over the last twenty five years, the Dutch people have been able to see, experience, live and embrace the MMS way of life including unconditional support for the human condition, possibility thinking, breakthrough and the magnificence of the human spirit. The Dutch people get it, live it and pass it along. MMS is alive and well living in Holland.

So the truth is I have taken a wonderful side step into a 17th century outdoors museum called Amsterdam. It is my little odyssey/an adventure in living and I still love it here. It is a pleasure and an honor for me/us to be here.

Thank you Holland for your wonderful hospitality.