The trees of Canon Drive

Expect Miracles Series

By Lynn U. Stewart


In 1988 we bought Canon Drive. The house was perfect but the thing I liked most was the elegance of the trees… The Dia D’oro trees are from Argentina —their name means “arms outstretched to god” their limbs grow upward paying homage to the creator and they provide shade and stature. There were two trees that were the elders of the property… they were impressive.

A family of three, we found a home that handled all of our needs : two master bedrooms, a centrally located child’s room with two doors to both sides of the house, a workout room and an office with a fire place. A quiet, residential neighborhood, the house spoke of tranquility and well being until one night.

In the middle of a deep sleep there was an enormous thud. Like something had dropped from the heavens.

We looked everywhere but could see nothing out of the ordinary. The next morning, we saw the effects of last night sound, Canon Drive was blocked. A huge limb from the Dia D’oro was blocking the road and cars were lined up unable to pass. We ran to the road and there it was a 100 lb limb stretched across the road keeping cars from passing.

The tree was communicating something to us but what was it? We were not sure. Was it the water depravation of the drought? Was it the dangerous speed of the cars on this short stretch of Canon Drive? Was it the need for more connection — was this tree suffering from neglect? What was the tree trying to say?

“Trees are very special beings. They were put on earth for service. They carry the energy of life force which I would describe as water and light. Trees radiated energy of tranquility they work with energy patterns of the earth and resonate with peaceful energy. Trees will always be part of the planet unless man destroys them. Remember most of all to have fun with them. By remaining in the soft caring part of your heart you’ll get a better understanding” Secrets from the Lives of Trees by Jeffrey Goelitz.

Our tree was speaking to us and we discovered that the property needed some special care and attention.

I called the city and let them know the situation. Although the trees stand tall on their owner’s property, their branches extended across Canon Drive and connect in the sky above the city streets. It is for that reason that the city is in charge of clearing any fallen branches. So, the removal was a task for the city. It was later that afternoon the men came with the chain saw. Three quarts of wood stood neatly piled on the lawn. This was the first time the tree was invited in. The wood was taken to the fireplace. Tt became our Yuletide hearth, a centerpiece of warm glowing flames that Christmas. For the first time we had firewood from our very own property; the tree was giving us warmth. It was the giving tree.

For me this was a premonition of things to come. The house was ailing and I believe this was a harbinger of things to come, somehow the house knew it had some challenges and needed to be uplifted to a new level of consciousness. It wasn’t until ten year later that the house went through a huge renovation. Al the doors and windows were replaced and five areas were refurbished. If that tree could have spoken that day it would have told us of the future but most important to us is that our property had gotten our attention and we had given the house new levels of care. What was most important was the tree was talking to us and for the first time we were listening.

Is there something inanimate that is trying to get your attention? 

Change in direction: A House Miracle

Expect Miracles Series

By Lynn U Stewart

145 Canon Drive SB

Sometimes things happen that shift the direction of life.

Chérie and daughter Jennifer were snuggling one morning. It was a simple Mother daughter talk about life. When Cherie asked the question, “Honey, what do you want to do when you grow up?”
A most startling response came back. “ I want to be just like Madonna and drive around in limousines,”

When Jennifer was three, Chérie combined our households to raise Jennifer as we were both between husbands. Living in Marvista in LA CA at the time, Cherie burst into my room that morning and awakened me with a start: “We have to move!”
After relating the conversation, she asked me where I would like to go. Having five minutes to review the idea, I had no incling about where. I returned the question. Minutes later I reflected on Chérie’s Ph. D program in Santa Barbara. She had liked her graduate school experience and was partial to her intense weekends in the small community two hours north of LA.

On the following Saturday, I met with Allson the realtor in Santa Barbara. She had five houses to show me. When we took a left onto Cannon Drive, I marvelled at the canopied street of Dia Doro Pine Trees lacing the filtered sun.  It was clearly one of the largest streets in the area and the house we parked before was the #145. A period Jefferson southern home, with big white columns, it was a most un-likely style for the sleepy Santa Barbara streets. Spanish red-roofed stucco was the norm for the Gold Coast architecture. Built in 1932, the two story white house, with black shutters had a warm eastern charm with a classic Ionic topped entry surrounded by the sweet smell of Jasmine.

Walking though the front door, it felt an overwhelming sense of home. I noticed the stairs on the left. A large formal living room straight ahead and a small library through the adjacent door, there was an immediate, intimate and friendly feel. The rooms were warm and inviting. The dining room was at the end of the hall and an old fashioned coat closet was tucked under the stairs. As I walked up the white railing-ed staircase, I discovered the first master bedroom with Jenn’s room, just across the hall, the perfect configuration for Mother and daughter. As I wound around the cozy corner just beyond the landing, a bay window opened the view to the garden below. And as I came around the corner, a second door to Jenn’s room became evident. One more corner and there was yet another wing with a two landing staircase with an open atrium revealing yet another sitting room, cozied around a fire place. At the top of the stairs was a second master and a studio/laundry across the small hall. The “piece de resistance” was the sauna nestled away in the corner of the studio. As I pensively walked down the back stair, I discovered space for the office as well. The picture was complete. There was space here for all of us –the house was perfect. I could see it feel it touch it…it all fit!

Mission accomplished, I called Chérie. “I found it, it has a place for each of us. It is it, however there is one tragic flaw, it’s definitely not in the budget. “Knowing that even if the San Anselmo house and the Military house sold we would be missing a chunk of money to make the down payment possible”
So, the challenge of how to afford the dream house was next. Having been disinherited and lost everything at least twice, it seemed like the surrogate family home had been delivered. I simply knew there had to be a way.

On my way back to LA, I asked for guidance and as I drove through Ventura, a series of ideas floated across my screen… and then a blinding flash of the obvious. In the year before, Carl had asked me for assistance in finding a partner with a home into which he could invest. I had introduced him to every investor I knew with the hopes of making the match. On the ride back to LA, I realized we were that investor. Carl, who had been my first call when the move to Santa Barbara was proposed, was the possible third investor. In addition to him living in Santa Barbara, I knew he had been looking to buy. It was in fact his realtor who was driving me all over town in search of our new home.

Carl became our partner, both houses sold and in September of that year we moved to Santa Barbara. It was a dream come true , a pastoral medley of weather, beauty, business and friends. Life seemed to bless the move. Jennifer was extracted from the Madonna world and enrolled in the Crane school, Chérie was traveling and in in grad school and the business made an easy transition up the 101 to the beautiful county on the ocean, With the possibility of Europe and the first Inner Negotiation Workshop in the Netherlands nipping at our heels and our dream home come true, we started another chapter in the flats of Santa Barbara.

Is there a new chapter in the wings for you?

What are the challenges to taking that risk?

Are you willing to find a solution that might be so obvious that is over looked?




Peter, Herb and the Hallowed Halls

Expect Miracles Series

Peter, Herb & The Hallowed Halls of 145 Canon Drive, Santa Barbara

By Lynn U Stewart


This is a tribute to Herb Gravitz, our dear friend and housemate in Santa Barbara. He has left us and has gone to the other side and we are left with a host of memories that will be emblazed in our consciousness forever. The following is the story about how a total stranger became a housemate and special friend.

In 1989, we two sisters, refurbished an LA home, sold it and moved to Santa Barbara CA. After 18 years of SB living, raising Jennifer (Cherie’s daughter) and getting her launched into her east coast life, we leased our home to vacation renters. For six years, people loved coming to our home. It served wedding parties, graduation weeks of happy UCSB students and family reunions. It was a happy home filled with celebrations and magical memoires. Each guest memorialized their trip to Santa Barbara with some precious leave-behind thank you gift to express their gratitude. Flowers, bottles of wine and baby accessories were welcome gifts to us for our hospitality and willingness to share our home. It was a happy time for all…happy owners and happy vacationers.

When the Santa Barbara fire happened, Cathy and Marc lost their home. With nothing tangible left in the world, they called us to find out if our home was for rent. For the next three years, they too lived happily in our home, until one day, we discovered our beautiful 5,000 square foot Santa Barbara home had a case of termites, wood rot and worst of all MOLD. We were devastated. How could this have happened? How could we not know? What had happened to our wonderful home? Cathy and Marc had to immediately relocate and Cherie and Michael had to move home to take care of business. Five areas of the house were quarantined and needed to be demolished. The house was hacked, and chopped, battered and bruised as every trace of mold and wood rot was carved away. Seeing the sky above and the earth below in important areas was heart breaking.   The downstairs powder room, the kitchen and the family room were carved away and the process was literally earth shattering for all of us.

The house was going through a major overhaul. Forty-three windows were replaced; fourteen doors and three terraces were rebuilt. It was a construction site with plotting, painting and workmen everywhere, around the clock, as they breathed new life into our ailing home. The house had gone through intensive care and was finally declared safe again for living.

The question of why this had happened was answered with the realization that the house needed “family member attention.” The house needed to be first in someone’s life. The series of calamities rendered it first in our lives and all resources and attention were assigned to it. Eight months later the house was back in order with everything updated: a new look of white trim, slate green siding and a Feng Shui red door; the house was stripped, gutted, restored, reroofed and ready to be formally inhabited again.

But now we had to be really selective to find the lucky one(s) to live in our precious newly redone home.

During the redo of the 145 house, Cherie and Michael were enrolled in computer classes at the Apple Store. While sitting at the “Genius Bar” in our State Street Store, they met Dr Peter Levy. As they talked and discussed their Apple histories, also their personal stories were easily shared. M & C recounted the story of the house and their desire to find a “house mate.” They felt the house needed companionship… with its owners, but we were all globally curious leaving little time to come home. It became clear that the house needed a constant companion with a connection with our family, so that we could come back from parts of “the world” on a more frequent basis. When they shared this “want,” all of their friends made fun of their idea. How do you find a housemate? There are renters, family or friends, but it is impossible “to combine these relationships” Everyone laughed except Peter. His respect for M & C was grounded and rooted in the possibility thinking and confirmed their belief that it actually could happen. He heard their dream.

And then the search began…Peter had a psychologist friend Herb who was looking for a new home. Having lived at the beach all of his Santa Barbara life, he had very special needs for his next home. When Peter shared with Herb about his new friends and explained about the house and its magical stories, Herb was intrigued. When he heard the address, Herb was flabbergasted. The 145 Canon Drive house was a dream house for him. As a runner, he had passed the house every day on his circuit. He had asked immediately for an appointment with Michael and Cherie and when they met it was like a home coming for all of them. The sparks of friendship and family were ignited and there was an uncanny connection. Herb spent three weeks making up his mind. He would come and sit in each room and wait for “messages” from the house. He claimed the house spoke to him. His three sons tried to talk him out of it as it was a walk on the wild side. For a single scholarly man with a formidable collection of books and an aquarium, a 5,000 square feet house seemed like a large undertaking. One man living in a five bedroom house seemed slightly over the top and the boys took Herb on three different caravan tours to help dissuade him from his risky choice.

Herb moved in May 2012 and has been living there happily after till July 2015. We the owning family came and visited twice a year and had our own family reunions with Herb and of course Peter, who took over the position of care taking the house, connecting at all times the new family member Herb.

The two men were the best of friends as were all of us. Delighted with our special house mate and friend, the house was once again providing a safe space for all of us to enjoy our lives of travel, teaching and time together in Santa Barbara.

Two weeks ago Herb passed away. It brought up all these memories that I shared with you. In remembrance I can say that Herb brought to me, as my Dutch friends say, ‘miles of smiles, sparkles and twinkles ‘ and I will always remember and love him for that. For me he is a real trooper, a survivor, a scholar, a friend, a housemate and so much more. He is family. I will always honor him as such. Herb has a special connection with the house and with each family member. It is as if he has always been there, and in truth I know now, he is part of the 145 Canon Drive magic way back then and continues to be. Who knows where he – in his cherubic space and sparkles – will show up next? I have sufficiently fastened my seat belt and I’m on “twinkle alert” for he is surely working his magic from this side and the other world.

Lost and Found

Expect Miracles Series

An American Woman Loses Her Bike in Amsterdam

By Lynn U. Stewart


Have you ever lost something and thought it would be gone forever? Well this is such a story…

I love my bike! One of the great things about living in Amsterdam is that bikes are not only a means of recreation, they are a primary means of transportation. That means that the biking days of childhood never have to end; biking allows me to feel forever young.

Several years ago, I knew I wanted a bike. I did a lot of research. I visited the local bike shop, asked 20 questions, and marveled at all the bikes hanging from the ceiling and mounted on the walls. That’s when I found the one.

It was an Aqua Batavus—a real Dutch bicycle with concealed chains and gears hidden behind a covered case. That meant I could wear a long dress or wide bottom trouser and never have to think about fabric getting into the gears, as they were neatly tucked away. After taking the bike for a spin, I knew I loved it.

Feeling uncertain as to whether I was really going to use a bicycle or not, I chose an infamous Mac-Bike rental for two weeks. However, I asked the bike shop for the “first right of refusal” if someone wanted to buy the Aqua Batavus I loved so dearly—I’d have first choice to purchase it. I wanted to test my commitment to bike riding in Amsterdam. After all, I am an American living in Amsterdam. How safe can riding a bicycle in traffic be? The truth, however, is the bike is king on Amsterdam streets. With bike maps, lanes, and lights, I knew I was in luck—the Amsterdam bikers have right-of-way.

After a week of riding my bike every day and realizing how much fun it was, I called the shop to ask them If they still had my Batavus. I was in luck! I became a proud owner of my first Dutch bicycle that day, fully equip with a license number and insurance for theft.

For five years I peddled around Amsterdam each day, from the grocery store to the pharmacy, to the trams and trains; those two tires took me everywhere. I was proud and happy, careful yet carefree.

And then one day, I was careless. As I unloaded a multitude of things from my bike that day, I left it in front of my door with the keys in the lock. Now if that isn’t fodder for a real live neg-attack I don’t know what is.

Since I teach and train others to build relationships with themselves, I know the difference between taking responsibility and having a big neg-attack. I recognize how stupid it was to leave the keys in the bike in the middle of the city. I also realize that getting mad at myself wasn’t going to bring my bicycle back. So I mourned the loss of my bicycle and thought, “someone must need my bike more than I do.”  I let go of the shame, embarrassment, and carelessness, released myself from being to blame and gave my bike to the universe. With a million bikes on the city streets it was like looking for a needle in a haystack—the bike was gone.

Soon after, I went back to MacBike Rentals, booked another bicycle, and reported its loss to the Amsterdam police.

As further “rationalization,” I told myself since I was going to Bangkok for two months, I would purchase another bicycle upon my return. So… no beat-ups for me. After all, I had owned my bike for five years.

When I returned home from Bangkok I bought a new Batavus bicycle. Two days later, however, I had a message on my voicemail from the Bike Depot. They had found a bike. Incredulous, that this was possible with all of those bikes lost and dredged from the Gracht I couldn’t imagine that this was true. I called the depot and sure enough, they had my bike. Together, with my friend Joy, we went on the bike retrieval hunt and found it there at the police station, one in a million! I signed the papers and took my Aqua Batavus home. I now have two bicycles—one for family, friends, and staff, and one for me. I am the proud owner of two Dutch bikes.

I know that letting go and not taking myself to task for such an unforgiveable mistake opened the door for the bicycle to come back to me. I knew, there must be a lesson in here somewhere…

As Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott says in her New York Times bestselling book, If Life Is a Game These Are the Rules, The Ten Rules for Being Human: Rule #4 “There are no mistakes only lessons.”

Is there anything you have lost and gotten angry with yourself for due to your carelessness? Well I am here to tell you that by letting go, I got my bike back and you can too.

If you like this story and want to read more of the Expect Miracles Series please visit our website at for workshops and seminars on building a relationship with yourself based on positive attention and self love.

Lynn U Stewart, Director of The MMS Worldwide Institute B.V.

A Ten-Day Cruise Transforms into a Life Long Journey

They met on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship on June 26, 1990. It didn’t take long for their immediate connection to become apparent.

cherie and michael

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC was the motivational speaker aboard the ship, and Michael Pomije, ACC was not only an associate producer for NBC Sports, but also happened to be the director of entertainment for the evening entertainment aboard the Queen Elizabeth II. She had a speech the following morning and he attended with anticipation of what she would say. Following the event, she invited him to help receive payment for her book sales, and he readily agreed. The following night, he joined her table in the dining room, and their spark quickly ignited. After their meeting aboard the ship I received a phone call….

With enthusiasm in his voice, he began, “Hi, my name is Michael. I just left your sister on board and she said I have to meet you and attend an information evening about your Inner Negotiation Workshop.”

After a ten-minute talk, we etched out a plan. Michael would attend the information evening, and I would have a meeting with him afterwards to explore his wishes, dreams, and goals. Michael attended the INW in July 1990 in Santa Barbara, California. Together with twenty other people, he broke through barriers, reclaimed parts of himself he had lost along the way, and launched the next chapter of his life. He chose to explore new professional options and leave his current world of TV behind.

Succeeding the INW, Michael chose to participate in the MMS Coach Training. He spent the next three months exploring his options while learning the coaching process. Michael divided his months by attending the MMS Coach Training classes in Los Angeles, while experiencing his two lab weekends in Holland. Upon completion of his MMS Coach Training involvement, Michael, and my younger sister, Chérie continued their courtship.

One year later, after an intense process, Michael moved to Santa Barbara to cohabit within our home on Canon Drive. There the four of us, Michael, Chérie, Chérie’s daughter Jennifer, and I lived together. Together we weathered the bumps of integrating a new member into our little family, and Michael acclimated with readiness and meticulous care. For ten years, I watched as Michael developed into a leading lecture agent—with Chérie being his top speaker. As an unbeatable team, they traveled the world with one another. They danced through life enjoying each other’s company and their personal journey as a couple.

Some time later, the winds of change passed through their lives again. Chérie was invited to be a visiting professor at Webster University in Bangkok, Thailand. Not being able to withstand the distance of being away from his true love, Michael accompanied her on her journey. After a semester abroad, Chérie was invited for a presentation to the Thailand Stock Exchange. The event was filled with CEO’s from all across Thailand—the floodgates spilled open. Requests poured in from major Thai companies, all extending an invitation for her to train, speak, and educate their company leaders and employees. First, it was KPMG, then DHL, then VitalLife Anti-aging, followed by Mazars, and so on. Michael was overjoyed supporting, travelling, and partnering with Chérie, so they made a choice to train and coach together.

From being a support behind the scenes to today, Michael and Chérie stand next to one another, coaching and training for multi-nationals. In the spring of 2010, they conducted their first MMS Coaching Course for students at Webster University. After more than two decades, I couldn’t be more proud or jubilant to have had the privilege of watching Michael’s transformation. I have watched Michael go from being a TV executive to becoming a lecture agent, to teaching, training, and coaching side-by-side with Chérie and me. His commitment and dedication to MMS and coaching has made him the brilliant coach he is today.

If you’re interested in learning from this amazing coach, or experiencing your own transformation, Michael will be teaching again in Thailand this June. Michael is living his dream! He finds great joy in sharing both work and play with his soul mate, Chérie, and enjoys commuting between America, Amsterdam and Bangkok, Thailand.

From the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship to the MMS information evening is where one life story truly began. How will your MMS story begin, and whom will you share it with?

The possibilities are endless…

If you know someone who wishes to embark on a new life long journey, our upcoming Information Evening will be held on April 23, 2015 in Baarn.

For more information please contact us at

Lynn U Stewart, Director of The MMS Worldwide Institute B.V.

Horse whispers: how I was healed from the past

Miracles Happen Every Day – series

by Lynn U. Stewart


Memories have magic and sometimes messages. The lessons show up in the most creative ways.

When I was asked to join a Natural Leadership session with trainer Sandra Geisler, the owner of Lighthorse, I was amazed to hear myself say a spontaneous “yes”. It had been 12 years since I had been around horses. Many opportunities and invitations, but every time my answer had been “no!” so far.

It took an hour to get to Wijdenes, in the countryside of Holland. When I arrived at the property I felt the tears sting behind my eyes, my mouth dried, and the memoires surfacing like little earthquakes.

I think it’s the smell of horses and being in the country. I’m upset, a bit nervous and unsettled. It has been so long and it’s such a familiar scent. It reminds me of summer-fun, friends, childhood, my horse Southern Bell – happy memories, yet bittersweet.

Getting out of the car, I saw the coral. Eight horses standing there in all sizes, colors and shapes. Eating hay, playing, nuzzling, and being with each other, while still others were staring at me, as if wanting to make contact.

Sandra greeted me warmly, and invited me to sit at the rectangular kitchen table. Framed by a picture window looking out on the meadow, she let me know what to expect working with her horses.

“Lynn, do you have anything that you’d like to work on today?” she asked. “I would love to know what I need to let go of in order to be peaceful around horses, and to let go of the emotions.”

Sandra named all of her horses. When invited to choose one, I did. Her name was “Spirit”. Entering the paddock, the leader of the herd, Banderas, stood in my way. Being comfortable around horses, I pushed my way past him and started my search for Spirit. Magnetized by this brown mare with a white spot on her head, I found Spirit almost immediately. Our connection being made nose to nose, she quietly led me to the fence. Beyond the fence there was another chestnut gelding named Rivaldos. This horse nuzzled up to Spirit. As I watched the two horses connect over the railing, a conflict rose up: I felt ignored. An overwhelming sadness came over me. When I called to Sandra, she quietly asked, “What was it between the men and women in your family?”.

“I felt ignored, as they tried to solve their own problems and put all of the attention on each other. It was lonely”.

At that moment, Spirit walks away and joins some other horses at the trough. I stood there watching, feeling the emptiness and more sadness.

“What’s happening?” Sandra asked.

“I feel alone.” Watching Spirit, I felt moved to go to her for comfort, just as I had with Southern Bell, my own quarter horse, in sad times many decades ago.

“What else?” Sandra asked.

“Horses were my refuge, whenever my family would fight, I would leave the house, go to the paddock, and find my horse. I would find peace and solace with those big strong sweet beasts”.


At that moment, I could see it all. Being small and scared and alone, the horses meant safety, protection, and the guardians of peace. The setting and tableau created by the horses had made a familiar scene, a return from childhood.

At that moment, another horse named Willow came over to me, and placed its head in my arms so I could stroke it’s cheek. Feeling the familiar and welcome weight of the horse’s head and the sweet scent of its breath, I was tossed back into a past moment.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. Banderas returned and, from behind, placed his head on my shoulder. Years ago I had to stop riding due to shoulder and knee injuries, and now Banderas started massaging and licking my injured shoulder. For the next 30 minutes, he continued licking my shoulder and the back of my neck. He dives down to my knee and licks the back of the left injured joint. I felt like a master healing was taking place from a caring steed, sent to me from some other place, allowing me to find a soothing safety.

Sandra shared the story of this healing horse. Banderas in the past was unable to be ridden. He could not bear any weight on his back. It was as if he had gone directly to the stress in my body to relieve my shoulder and knee from the burden of the family of origin.

I knew the answer to my question. The horses had provided a play. They acted out for me a story that needed to be re-told. That day I found peace. It opened another part to my story of healing through horses. This memorable day opened a chapter of revisiting the mythical world of Sandra’s horses and my memories.

In May 2014 I rode again for the first time in 15 years. It was an overwhelmingly inspired day.

Lynn U Stewart, Director of The MMS Worldwide Institute B.V.

From Aspen to Bangkok



Sometimes endings are the beginnings. How did I get from Aspen to Bangkok?

The first Coach Training outside of California was to be in Colorado. I was chosen to be the resident leader. I knew that Colorado was snow and horse country. Horses had been a passion. Maybe, after ten years of deprivation, they might return.

The first Aspen Coach Training had 35 people… I established a coaching practice, built a community, commuted between Colorado, Wyoming and the East Coast, lead, coached, taught and trained. Mary, a friend/colleague and CT participant, invited me to ride with her. For the first time since Daddy sold our horses, ten years prior, horses were back. Filled with gratitude and re-discovered passion, my sports life was re-invented. I purchased a horse, a house, and a jeep.

Every morning I started my coach-sessions at 6:00 with both East & West Coast and by 14:00 I was ready for the high country. In the Fall the horses went to grassy fields and skiing took their place. Skiing, horses, teaching-training were my dream-life-design.

One day life changed. While on a business trip Sweetie, my horse, escaped and was killed instantly on a treacherous thoroughfare. I returned to find her gone. Also wells were dry, leach field backed up and a differed five year mortgage payment due – all at the same time. Sweetie Pie’s death was the beginning of the end of a five year dream turned nightmare.

The final straw was my jeep’s demise. Within four hours of departing Aspen, a blinding snowstorm capsized the jeep. Miraculously, driver-friend Marek survived without a scratch. The jeep plus contents demolished, all earthly possessions instantly disappeared from my life.

It was once again time to assess life and reflect: was I being punished for some unexplainable deed or was there something more? If life is a Game, The Ten rules for Being Human authored by my dear sister, partner Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott (and many dear friends) helped to unearth a powerful lesson. In days, everything seemed to dissolve. After the initial shock of letting go, I had a choice, I could look at this situation as a disaster or…. dig deeper and see this situation as life trying to get my attention. It took me three months to learn the lesson and start again.

Re-frame: The Aspen community launched my travels with MMS. My life was to be spent with a bigger community – the next destination – Marin County, The Bay Area, Silicon Valley. LA. Corporate clients in Southern California and then Amsterdam – all were nipping at the heels of MMS.

If I had not read the signs to leave Aspen, I would not have started my journey. My travels have taken me all over the US, Europe and this month to the first Coach Training in Bangkok Thailand. The messages work miraculously and following the bouncing ball to the next destination is my future.

Expectations can program disappointment. When I was willing to open up to new possibilities, beyond my vision and scope, the door to the entire world opened to me.

It is an honor and a pleasure to be in Bangkok for this first launch of the Asian Coach Training. Well done by the Bangkok team: Cherie and Michael, Som & Witawat.

Why Holland?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

People always ask me, “Why Holland?”, “Why has MMS chosen Holland and how did you get here?” My answer is always the same… the weather. Well here is the real story, from my point of view.
 MMS didn’t choose Holland
Holland chose MMS first and then
MMS chose Holland

In 1984 Cherie met Frits Philips Junior at a conference in Switzerland. They discovered that they had something in common: a love for people.

Frits was teaching people the Harvard Negotiation techniques and Cherie was teaching people how to tune in, love themselves and follow their inner messages. They found their work, at the very least, complimentary. After many years Frits and Cherie were exploring ways for them to work together. Cherie believed that Frits’ daughter Christine coming to the US, working with Lynn and Cherie at the MMS and taking the MMS programs was the best option. Christine participated in the Inner Negotiation workshop, the Coach Training and worked on the Employee Owned Change  program in three different organizations.

Convinced that there was nothing like this work in Holland, Christine told her father that the MMS was special and that “Holland needed this work!” Frits flew to the US to participate in the Inner Negotiation Workshop, to learn more about the work and to meet me. After a productive visit in the US and arriving back home in the Netherlands, Frits told his family about the two sisters in Los Angeles. As a result of that mutual experience he partnered with his daughter to bring the work to Holland.

In August of 1988 MMS and Frits Philips and Partners cooperated to bring the Inner Negotiation Workshop to the Netherlands. Thirty-three people gathered together to take the first program and the work was launched. Frits then chose to be the first MMS licensee in Holland. Over the next fifteen years, the work was passed from Frits to Vorst Impuls, to De Baak, to Life Design Consultancy. And all the while people would say MMS is a boutique operation and it needed to have it’s own “umbrella.”

Therefore in 2003 Cherie and I had a meeting. This was the moment for MMS to stand tall and take its place in the Dutch world as a BV supported by its gracious group of Ambassadors. I chose to be the director while Cherie chose her self appointed job as the Dutch Ambassador in America telling the world about the gracious hospitality and special qualities of Holland and the Dutch people.

But the question remains why would I leave Santa Barbara for Holland?

And the answer is… the Dutch people. I perceived a group of generous people who have hosted my/our visit and continue to open doors and make things happen for us and for others who value the freedom of the human spirit. The essence of the work is creativity, discovery, experiments, breakthroughs, risks and rewards and true bottom line, transformation.  Participants are able to review the present, discover and change past patterns and plan the future. Over the last twenty five years, the Dutch people have been able to see, experience, live and embrace the MMS way of life including unconditional support for the human condition, possibility thinking, breakthrough and the magnificence of the human spirit. The Dutch people get it, live it and pass it along. MMS is alive and well living in Holland.

So the truth is I have taken a wonderful side step into a 17th century outdoors museum called Amsterdam. It is my little odyssey/an adventure in living and I still love it here. It is a pleasure and an honor for me/us to be here.

Thank you Holland for your wonderful hospitality.

Lucky #7 Tram, Amsterdam

STOPlichtFrom: the Magical things happen every day Collection

I love my work: coaching, training, story telling and supporting people in having what they want.

I work whenever an opportunity presents itself. This is not new news but somehow, clients come my way and, this has been the case for thirty-five years. They find me. I am not usually looking for them, they just appear — everywhere. There have always been just enough never too much but just enough work/clients/ corporations to keep things interesting, challenging and exciting.

I was invited by my banker to a special event at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, for an evening out. It was a professional business event for clients and at that event, I met a bright energetic woman Bregje. Blonde, perky and rather sparkling, she and I struck up a conversation. She had a delighted-with-life sparkle in her eyes that was compelling.
We sat together for the performance, had drinks like new friends afterwards, talked about the play and exchanged cards-information. We discovered our fields to be the same… human development. She is a workshop leader-presenter and I am a Master Coach – teacher, trainer and now my latest venturr, author.

We never made contact, life became to busy.

Three months later at another event, given by a friend, there she was again and we were this time, dinner partners. We connected again and renewed our promise to make contact.

We didn’t make contact. I saw her card, put it in a safe place but never called, too much gong on and no time.

Three weeks later, I had an appointment in Oosterpark area of town. Upon leaving, I stepped into the #7 Tram sat down, pulled out my I-Phone and retrieved my Emails. Absorbed with news and updates, I never noticed, the person who had seated herself next to me… When I heard my name, my concentration was broken, startled, I looked over and there was Bregje staring at me nose to nose, centimeters away.
“It’s you, wow what a coincidence,” she said
“Help me with your name,” I responded.
“Bregje, remember me?” she said with a twinkle.
“Never called, too busy eh?”
“no, sorry…me either!”
We visited for a fifteen minutes and we covered the mundane, tram travel, broken bicycles, not enough time, Amsetrdam without bikes, iPhones, computers creativity, work, schedules and life…we got off at the Leidseplein, exchanged cards again and promised to make contact.

We didn’t.

Two weeks later, the same appointment rescheduled form the former week at the OLVG Ziekenhuis, and again the #7 tram. I wondered if Bregje would be on the lucky 7 tram today? I pushed that thought away knowing how preposterous that was to even conjure and made my way into the accordion doors of the tram. I cautiously side-stepped though the half empty tram and took a single seat on the left and accessed my iPhone. When I heard my name this time, I was really startled. There she was across the aisle in a window-seat with an empty seat next to her. I slid across to the other side,
“Ok that’s it, now we really have to meet, this is the second time in a week that we have found each other on the now-named Lucky #7 tram in the same row. We really must meet to see what all of this means. We are clearly meant to do something together.”
“what could that be?” she asked.
“Not sure but let’s connect the dots and see what life has in store for us…this must be really big… a burning bush, a sign, a message that we are to do who knows what?”

Before we left the tram on the Leidseplein stop, we made a coffee date for the following Saturday morning 11:00 sharp, my home, on the Herengracht. Our visit was to be an interpersonal archeological dig to figure out what the serendipitous connections meant… we had all the clues.

When she arrived, I had just returned from researching make, models and prices for weekly bicycle rentals. Having been through knee surgery and shoulder surgery over a two-year span, I was feeling fit, feisty and healthy enough to do the research. My conversation on the tram with Bregje had inspired that curiosity in me. It had been five years since I cycled in Amsterdam. I was motivated.

After a small house tour, a little conversation over my best dark roast, I stated the obvious, our purpose for meeting,
“we have 30 minutes left to discuss/discover what we are to do together.. shall I start with some questions and maybe some things I have been considering?”
“Sure,” was the response.
“Did you get your broken bike back? Did you make a choice to buy your Mac? Well before you answer here’s what I’m looking for:
I want someone to go to the MacBike shop with me to rent-a-bike Alternatively, I want someone to help me organize my computer…
Do either of those activities appeal to you?

In no time Bregje and I were on our way to Central Station to rent a bike. On the way we stopped to look at computers for her at the Mac House. She said her creativity was connected to buying a Mac and she had been thinking about investing in an iMac for months.

I rented a bike, she made a computer appointment. As we walked the bike back to my house, the final piece fell into place. There was a reflective moment as we said our good byes, and a moment again about her creativity. She had closed the door on her acting career many years ago and wanted to re-find that energy again. She asked for an intake about coaching with me.

Today we have a connection over bike riding in Amsterdam, Mac computers and I have a new client.

Whether in a hot tub, on a ski lift, at the iPhone store, clients with questions are everywhere. If your awake, living the process and put out your intention to serve them, loving, grateful and appreciative clients will find you!

Was it all because of the lucky tram #7 or…the universe weaving its magic for two souls to connect.

“The Untold Story” – The inside story

Family Fusion
By Lynn U. Stewart

The timing was right. The dates were clear on five people’s calendars and all indicators were “Green Lights.” Phase II of the Docudrama would proceed in spite of the funding process being in its infancy… the message was to “seize the moment.”

Cherie, Michael, Brenda, and Will Harper had a brief hiatus between projects. Lynn had a break from teaching in Holland, Barbara could break away from her responsibilities in New Jersey. Synchronicity is often about reading the signs and taking action even when all the “I’s” are not dotted. Everyone booked their air travel while Cherie and Michael located an apartment for six of us in the Murray Hill district of New York’s East side, John Robert Powers modeling was contacted for young female actors, and the request was initiated for an afternoon shoot at Convent of the Sacred Heart, our Alma mater.

Oct 18, 2009 –We landed at Newark airport within hours of each other, boarded our mini-van, and descended on our sister Barbara for two of the six-day shoot.

It was a chilly autumn day in Elberon, New Jersey. Michael and Will were headed off to 900 and the sisters were staying behind to welcome Cherie’s daughter Jenn who was arriving from Dubai by train from NYC. At the final moment, I got a message. “Get in the car!” the inner voice commanded and before I knew it, the “Go/no go” decision was silenced as I watched the scenery fly by the van cruising down the driveway. Something was compelling me to accompany our production team. I didn’t know why I had to be there, but I trusted the feeling.

After winding our way through the autumn foliage of Locust, finding Shrewsbury Bridge, we drove through the flooded streets of Long Branch, and cruised up Ocean Avenue. We turned into a driveway, flanked with stone pillars crowned with eagles. The experience was about to be launched. When the ancient stained-glass door opened to the warm welcoming of Douglas Jemal, we knew there was magic in the air. Douglas is the home-owner of our family home for the last forty years. He was anticipating working in Washington on the one day shoot at the house. Wood-worker and caretaker, Andy was supposed to greet us, however, at the last minute Andy opted to be elsewhere. Douglas jumped at the opportunity to be there himself. There was an instant connection between all four of us. As we started to scope out the location, Douglas went in search of coffee.

When he returned, we chatted about his love for cold weather, running with his dogs on the beach and the recounting of the day he chose to buy our family home. When our home became his home, it changed his life. He bought our once, forty-room mansion from our father in 1971 for $100,000. That was the moment he connected with the “spirit of the house.” He talked about the changes his wife had made to the house and how he had removed the circular porch and port-cushier. On a psychic level he recalled, “the house was unhappy and I felt it.”

An renowned master of restoration for period buildings in Washington D.C., Douglas Jemal began a serious restoration project. In addition to paneling the halls, painting a mural on the central atrium ceiling, leveling the floors, and replacing every pipe, he had upgraded the lighting, refurbished every mantel, sent carpets to Cairo for reweaving and installed alarm and sprinkler systems throughout the mansion. The piece-de-resistance was importing original paneled walls from Napoleon’s Castle outside of Paris. He had been installed the antique panels in one of the downstairs sitting rooms. Our home had been magnificently restored to period by a team of master-craftsmen.

As we walked and talked about the shoot on the following day, Will felt compelled to do a brief segment on Douglas. He recounted parts of his retail-family story, and his relationship to his brothers. His story was going from rags-to-riches. Our story was going from riches-to-rags. That in and of itself was a connector. As he told his story the bond between us deepened. Will asked me to step into the shoot. I had a moment with Douglas that touched me. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude to this man who cared for, upgraded, restored, and honored our family home. As I stood there, I looked into the eyes of another father who had raised his family of six during these last forty years. At that moment, Douglas glanced at Will and told him that many filmmakers had approached him requesting to film his story. He confessed that he had never felt comfortable enough to do that. His connection with Will was strong enough to state “Your face is full of sunshine.” Then the two men exchanged business cards.

At a certain moment we told Douglas the story line for the following day. In addition to having the three sisters reminisce about the house, we were looking for someone to play our mother and a six-year-old little Cherie.

“My daughter Sally could be Mary and my granddaughter, Joyce, is the perfect age to be little Cherie.”

Without further ado, Douglas was on the phone asking Sally if she and Joyce could make themselves available for the shoot on the following afternoon.

The requisite cast was magically manifested as a result of that interview with Douglas. Mother and daughter appeared the next day to give a stunning performance as the missing members of the Untermeyer family cast.

A most unexpected family-fusion launched an unforgettable week. The soul of our home magnetized the union of two families.