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Dedicated and driven coach and trainer with over twenty five years experience. By now she has trained a thousand coaches worldwide. In addition, she inspired and guided a multiple amount of people. The purpose of her activities always being to facilitate choice/decision-making regarding leadership, management responsibilities, career choices and life direction. Facilitate outcomes include: clarity of direction, strategic planning, insights, empowerment, and behavior changes. After having guided MMS since 1979 herself, she knows what taking responsibility means.

She demonstrates a completely open mind and is an expert in enabling people to reconnect with the person and professional they can be at their best. This doing without ‘telling’ but by being a catalytic agent, encouraging another to discover answers from within.



2003 – present

Director, the MMS Worldwide Institute, bv

In 2003 she elected to reside in The Netherlands to be able to establish the MMS company as a BV. She became a Dutch resident and SHEam committed to training the very best coaches in The Netherlands through our methods. We now have trained over 200 coaches in The Netherlands


1979 – 2003                                  

President, the MMS Institute, inc., Santa Barbara CA

For over twenty years SHEguided and directed the MMS Institute, Inc. through it’s development and corporate strategy. In addition to overseeing the operations, she also was instrumental with the marketing, positioning and developing of the MMS brand during that period.



Account Executive, Arndt, Preston Chapin, Lamb & Keen in New York, USA, Public Relations firm, New York City

Responsibilities: Publicized: the Flagler Resorts: 5 Star Hotel, The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach Florida and three other Resort Hotels in the Bahamas and in Florida .

Publicized: Home Furnishing Accounts such as the Simmons Living Room furniture, Knob Creek of Morganton, North Carolina, Fostoria Glassware, London, Belgian LInen



Translator and hostess for the press, ABC Televison, Grenoble, France .

Throughout the duration of the Olympic Games.


About the MMS Institute

The MMS Institute is a full service coaching, training and licensing firm working in collaboration with individuals and organizations to formulate their visions, map out strategic plans and implement changes so that you will cause your wishes, dreams and goals to become reality. Founded in 1974 by dr. Chérie Carter Scott, today there are offices in both the United States and The Netherlands. Dr. Carter Scott is a #1 New York Times best selling author and her books have been translated in more than 40 languages. Besides the books, the organization is responsible for teaching and presenting the Coach’s Training – a personal and professional program in both the United States and in The Netherlands.

The Coach’s Training is a course initiated and run by The MMS Institute, which trains and certifies people as MMS trained coaches. The course was designed primarily for those who work directly with the public, be it client, customer, patient, student, employee or peer. The information taught in the training is critical for anyone who desires outstanding interpersonal and transformational skills. It is a three-month training program that equips people to use the in-depth questioning approach. Thus, allowing the people to find their own answers. We embrace the Socratic approach to problem solving that features eighteen key points that focus on listening skills, open-ended questions and turning visions into reality.

An MMS Worldwide trained coach facilitates a client:

  • in determining what is wanted in a specific situation;
  • in outlining a step-by-step plan of action for producing what is wanted; and
  • by supporting and encouraging the person until the objective is fully realized.

The basic assumptions in the MMS Worldwide consulting process are:

  • people have an inner sense of direction and know internally what they want;
  • people possess the inner resources to achieve exactly what they want in their lives;
  • the coach’s role is not to tell, but to be a catalytic agent, encouraging another to discover answers from within; and
  • the optimum climate for discovery is trust, unconditional acceptance and suspended judgment.

Recent clients

Unilever – director of Personal Care Division

Boer and Croon – director

Twynstra Gudde – director

Ministry of Agriculture – director and manager



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Any further references can be delivered upon request.


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