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Lucky #7 Tram, Amsterdam

STOPlichtFrom: the Magical things happen every day Collection

I love my work: coaching, training, story telling and supporting people in having what they want.

I work whenever an opportunity presents itself. This is not new news but somehow, clients come my way and, this has been the case for thirty-five years. They find me. I am not usually looking for them, they just appear — everywhere. There have always been just enough never too much but just enough work/clients/ corporations to keep things interesting, challenging and exciting.

I was invited by my banker to a special event at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, for an evening out. It was a professional business event for clients and at that event, I met a bright energetic woman Bregje. Blonde, perky and rather sparkling, she and I struck up a conversation. She had a delighted-with-life sparkle in her eyes that was compelling.
We sat together for the performance, had drinks like new friends afterwards, talked about the play and exchanged cards-information. We discovered our fields to be the same… human development. She is a workshop leader-presenter and I am a Master Coach – teacher, trainer and now my latest venturr, author.

We never made contact, life became to busy.

Three months later at another event, given by a friend, there she was again and we were this time, dinner partners. We connected again and renewed our promise to make contact.

We didn’t make contact. I saw her card, put it in a safe place but never called, too much gong on and no time.

Three weeks later, I had an appointment in Oosterpark area of town. Upon leaving, I stepped into the #7 Tram sat down, pulled out my I-Phone and retrieved my Emails. Absorbed with news and updates, I never noticed, the person who had seated herself next to me… When I heard my name, my concentration was broken, startled, I looked over and there was Bregje staring at me nose to nose, centimeters away.
“It’s you, wow what a coincidence,” she said
“Help me with your name,” I responded.
“Bregje, remember me?” she said with a twinkle.
“Never called, too busy eh?”
“no, sorry…me either!”
We visited for a fifteen minutes and we covered the mundane, tram travel, broken bicycles, not enough time, Amsetrdam without bikes, iPhones, computers creativity, work, schedules and life…we got off at the Leidseplein, exchanged cards again and promised to make contact.

We didn’t.

Two weeks later, the same appointment rescheduled form the former week at the OLVG Ziekenhuis, and again the #7 tram. I wondered if Bregje would be on the lucky 7 tram today? I pushed that thought away knowing how preposterous that was to even conjure and made my way into the accordion doors of the tram. I cautiously side-stepped though the half empty tram and took a single seat on the left and accessed my iPhone. When I heard my name this time, I was really startled. There she was across the aisle in a window-seat with an empty seat next to her. I slid across to the other side,
“Ok that’s it, now we really have to meet, this is the second time in a week that we have found each other on the now-named Lucky #7 tram in the same row. We really must meet to see what all of this means. We are clearly meant to do something together.”
“what could that be?” she asked.
“Not sure but let’s connect the dots and see what life has in store for us…this must be really big… a burning bush, a sign, a message that we are to do who knows what?”

Before we left the tram on the Leidseplein stop, we made a coffee date for the following Saturday morning 11:00 sharp, my home, on the Herengracht. Our visit was to be an interpersonal archeological dig to figure out what the serendipitous connections meant… we had all the clues.

When she arrived, I had just returned from researching make, models and prices for weekly bicycle rentals. Having been through knee surgery and shoulder surgery over a two-year span, I was feeling fit, feisty and healthy enough to do the research. My conversation on the tram with Bregje had inspired that curiosity in me. It had been five years since I cycled in Amsterdam. I was motivated.

After a small house tour, a little conversation over my best dark roast, I stated the obvious, our purpose for meeting,
“we have 30 minutes left to discuss/discover what we are to do together.. shall I start with some questions and maybe some things I have been considering?”
“Sure,” was the response.
“Did you get your broken bike back? Did you make a choice to buy your Mac? Well before you answer here’s what I’m looking for:
I want someone to go to the MacBike shop with me to rent-a-bike Alternatively, I want someone to help me organize my computer…
Do either of those activities appeal to you?

In no time Bregje and I were on our way to Central Station to rent a bike. On the way we stopped to look at computers for her at the Mac House. She said her creativity was connected to buying a Mac and she had been thinking about investing in an iMac for months.

I rented a bike, she made a computer appointment. As we walked the bike back to my house, the final piece fell into place. There was a reflective moment as we said our good byes, and a moment again about her creativity. She had closed the door on her acting career many years ago and wanted to re-find that energy again. She asked for an intake about coaching with me.

Today we have a connection over bike riding in Amsterdam, Mac computers and I have a new client.

Whether in a hot tub, on a ski lift, at the iPhone store, clients with questions are everywhere. If your awake, living the process and put out your intention to serve them, loving, grateful and appreciative clients will find you!

Was it all because of the lucky tram #7 or…the universe weaving its magic for two souls to connect.