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The trees of Canon Drive

Expect Miracles Series

By Lynn U. Stewart


In 1988 we bought Canon Drive. The house was perfect but the thing I liked most was the elegance of the trees… The Dia D’oro trees are from Argentina —their name means “arms outstretched to god” their limbs grow upward paying homage to the creator and they provide shade and stature. There were two trees that were the elders of the property… they were impressive.

A family of three, we found a home that handled all of our needs : two master bedrooms, a centrally located child’s room with two doors to both sides of the house, a workout room and an office with a fire place. A quiet, residential neighborhood, the house spoke of tranquility and well being until one night.

In the middle of a deep sleep there was an enormous thud. Like something had dropped from the heavens.

We looked everywhere but could see nothing out of the ordinary. The next morning, we saw the effects of last night sound, Canon Drive was blocked. A huge limb from the Dia D’oro was blocking the road and cars were lined up unable to pass. We ran to the road and there it was a 100 lb limb stretched across the road keeping cars from passing.

The tree was communicating something to us but what was it? We were not sure. Was it the water depravation of the drought? Was it the dangerous speed of the cars on this short stretch of Canon Drive? Was it the need for more connection — was this tree suffering from neglect? What was the tree trying to say?

“Trees are very special beings. They were put on earth for service. They carry the energy of life force which I would describe as water and light. Trees radiated energy of tranquility they work with energy patterns of the earth and resonate with peaceful energy. Trees will always be part of the planet unless man destroys them. Remember most of all to have fun with them. By remaining in the soft caring part of your heart you’ll get a better understanding” Secrets from the Lives of Trees by Jeffrey Goelitz.

Our tree was speaking to us and we discovered that the property needed some special care and attention.

I called the city and let them know the situation. Although the trees stand tall on their owner’s property, their branches extended across Canon Drive and connect in the sky above the city streets. It is for that reason that the city is in charge of clearing any fallen branches. So, the removal was a task for the city. It was later that afternoon the men came with the chain saw. Three quarts of wood stood neatly piled on the lawn. This was the first time the tree was invited in. The wood was taken to the fireplace. Tt became our Yuletide hearth, a centerpiece of warm glowing flames that Christmas. For the first time we had firewood from our very own property; the tree was giving us warmth. It was the giving tree.

For me this was a premonition of things to come. The house was ailing and I believe this was a harbinger of things to come, somehow the house knew it had some challenges and needed to be uplifted to a new level of consciousness. It wasn’t until ten year later that the house went through a huge renovation. Al the doors and windows were replaced and five areas were refurbished. If that tree could have spoken that day it would have told us of the future but most important to us is that our property had gotten our attention and we had given the house new levels of care. What was most important was the tree was talking to us and for the first time we were listening.

Is there something inanimate that is trying to get your attention?