New Doors – New Windows – New Vistas

Is there something with which you are putting up that is cumbersome, annoying and time consuming? In spite of the irritation, you keep making excuses for why you don’t have it fixed? Well, the magnificent accordion glass doors that open onto the pool and sea of our family holiday home were just such a challenge. The doors have been a hassle for years but we have band-aided the problem, as the issue was daunting.

This year was no exception… And this December, only one accordion side opened at all. The trusty wooden doors were swollen and it took a heavy lifter to get the doors open and closed. Challenged again, we chose to abandon opening the doors at all.

As life would have it, Augusta, our neighbour for ten years, miraculously took her holiday the same week as we. When we discovered that our weeks were to overlap, we arranged to get together. Unbeknown to us, Augusta had had a similar problem with her doors, and she had them replaced by manager Michael. She raved about her new doors and gave us a tour – blown away by the ease, grace, elegance and care-free structure, the doors were a heartbeat away from us. Michael not only gave us a price, a date and time, he recommended his crew of three and blessed us with coming over three times to manage the project.

On the 27th of December, the men arrived. They divested us from the ten-year-old folding glass doors and replaced the full wall expanse with a practical six-glass slider that opened to both sides. An enormous break through – the new doors are easy-care, clean lined, smooth and pragmatic. With two fingers one person can open and close the doors in nanoseconds. The pièce de résistance was Michael’s maid service which dusted the living area from top to bottom… leaving the space in impeccable order after a major overhaul and redo. This all happened is eight hours. What was a hassle, a headache and an unresolved five-year issue resulted in a source of joy and relief – and a new vista on the Andaman Sea.

Are you willing to reassess those issues that trouble you? Is there something irritating that seems not to have a solution? This New Year may I invite you to look at taking one thing from your “not working” list and move it forward. Perhaps there is an easy unseen solution you had not considered before, or an Augusta neighbour with an insight or an answer that instantly meets your need. The answer could be steps away from your front door. Reaching out to say hello might be all that it takes to open up a new vista of relaxation, joy and pride.


Lost and Found again – the return of the prodigal bike


I often think that the angels are always looking after me, but I don’t always have proof. Sometimes life is so graphic that it is uncanny.  Yesterday was one of those days, and today I am a big believer in perpetual guidance as their benevolent caretaking is undeniable.

My living room was filled with magnificent bright slanted winter light. As I made my way across the room, I pulled the curtains on both my big canal windows, as I always do in the morning.  Sleepy Amsterdam was alive and well and I was slowly joining the ranks of early risers. It was 7:00.  

I took a small pause at the north window and sat down on the cozy bench to review the day. I noticed that all the diagonal parking places were empty. Thinking that the house boat across the street was possibly under construction,  I assumed that the road had been blocked to traffic for the day~ not uncommon to Amsterdam center activities.  There is always someone moving house, so roads are closed to traffic all the time; after all, the missing cars were not so alarming and rather easy to explain. 

I puttered around the kitchen emptying the dishwasher, poured myself a second mango juice and mindfully made my way back to the cozy bench. 
When the phone rang, I retrieved it in the hall  and made a spontaneous choice for a quick shower. Reviewing my day, I chose to skip the gym and have a luxurious start doing morning rituals. After my shower, I consciously picked up my phone and rapidly returned to my perch by the window for another look at my canal…  for the third time I slid into my seat, only to see two men holding my bike. A giant pair of scissors had removed the lock and they were carrying the bike away to a nearby truck.

In just a few seconds,  I put on my gold sneakers and ran down three flights of stairs into the street.  Wow, I  thought, what are the chances of this happening? The Amsterdam Municipal truck and three strong guys were divesting the street of all bikes, and I was watching them confiscating my trusty Batavus.

I had a sudden flashback of 5 years ago, when I mindlessly left my keys in the bike and it was stolen – that same bike that was returned to me by the Amsterdam police after one year!  After its return, the prodigal bike had been my chariot ever since. So here we were again, on the brink of another incident.

When I got to the street, the guys were standing there checking out their work. I approached them and said:

“ I saw you take my bike away, you removed the lock, cut off a link and took it from the bike rack. It was the turquoise one on the end. “

“This one?”  He pointed to the one on the truck.

“Yes, that’s the one… may I have it back?”, I asked nervously like a small child.

” Sure,”  he said and ran up the ramp. He grabbed the bike and quickly stepped down the slanted ramp with my aqua Batavus. 

“Here you go… didn’t you see the giant yellow signs?” He inquired.

“No, I did not notice”, I confessed  uneasily.

“The sign has been there for three days!”

“ Perhaps, I should pay more attention”

“We are doing some work on the lights and need to get acces to the entire canal bank. Sorry for any inconvenience”. 

“ I am so pleased with your response and courtesy, I would like to take a photo with you, may I? This is a story with a great ending for me and cause for celebration. You see, in 2015 I lost the very same bike for one year. The Amsterdam police found it and one year later we were reunited… I consider this miracle material and proof that miracles do happen. What are the chances of me looking out of my window at the exact moment that you were confiscating my bike ~ and in time for me to run down and claim ownership  ~ and you would grant me the opportunity of having it back with no consequences? So I want to say thank you for doing your job and considering the possibility of human error, I should have read the sign!”

I took myself out for breakfast at the Brasserie Baton and bought a big bouquet of lilies to celebrate the return of the prodigal bicycle.

Oversight, Insight, and New Discoveries

Oversight, Insight,

and New Discoveries


Lynn U Stewart

Belief systems can be changed in Nano seconds. All it takes is a spark of revelation and a new way of seeing. I had such a moment upon my return to Amsterdam.


While in Bangkok my favorite eye glasses broke. With no time to fix them, I was in search of repair in Amsterdam. A small shop on the Herenstraat called Bckspace was closed. I had to wait .

After buying my flowers on Saturday morning, I crossed the street. The door was open. I explained my problem and the issue was soon in his hands. The process of adjustment had begun. While working, Will invited me to try on an experimental pair of his glasses. Shopping had begun. In no time at all, assistant Hannah & Will helped me identify three pairs of glasses. I found each one transformed my look. l was intrigued with the change and thought maybe the reason my glasses had broken was to open my eyes and show me something new. I went with the moment and chose the one I wanted. Three photos later I chose to “be with it” and make a choice the following week.

Will asked me if I wanted to see if my prescription had changed. I did.

“I am a Dr. and I can examine your eyes. I don’t just sell glasses, I custom make lenses.”

I was curious. Thinking deeply, I mused: I have my clothes made in Thailand, vitamins designed in India, eat only what suits my body, maybe there is something to what he is saying about custom made eye-ware?

He proceeded to tell me that my small glasses were not large enough to accommodate the field of vison. Because my eyes work independently, the central point of vision of each eye is separate. He talked about expanding the breadth of the distance part of the progressive lens to accommodate the solitary shifts — my vison would be enhanced. He commented on a series of small changes that would make subtle and profound differences in my eyesight. He had my attention.

I had always wondered why sometimes I see things and other times I don’t. Maybe this was the solution to a life time of confusion about my own vision.

My thoughts drifted to my clients who sometimes have bind spots. They do not see/hear their own bias, beliefs & decision. The coaching process in its brilliance, helps people to widen the long-distance lens and determine life’s blocks. It takes the coach to open the perspective to present what is possible as opposed to what is… A brilliant metaphor, for coaching, Will and his team identified the possibility of seeing things differently. What a gift.

My glasses were ordered and the metaphor fits. Choices are clear when alternatives are explored. Life changed that day. I saw what I hadn’t seen before.

Are there decisions you’ve made that are dictating your life. Do you believe that your vision is blocked to see your future? Are you wiling to see options you might not see by yourself? Examine your beliefs and see if there might be something more that eludes you that might catapult you into your preferred future.

Paid for Passion


      Lynn U Stewart


Many people work to pay their bills and go on holidays. They don’ t genuinely like what they do. It is my belief that when you do what you love there is a way to get paid for your working pleasure. As a coach I unleash peoples potential and if you are willing to believe that someone will pay for supporting your passion, they will.

I had a session with Caroline. She lived in Provence, France a rural part of France and was out-of work. Unclear about what to do with her life, her twin brother called me and asked me to do a session with her. I did. I asked Caroline a series of probing questions about things she loved to do. She confided in me that she loved to serve and and had a passion for animals. Furthermore she had a special way of talking to animals. Additionally, animals were naturally drawn to her. Where ever she went dogs, cats and even birds were connected to her. She did not know why but… they were.

She said she had had a dream since she was eight. She, the family and her twin were at a bed and breakfast in France where animals were welcome. While there she had offered to do a little dog walking and tending for the animals in residence. It was that special holiday week that she had connected with her love for caring for other people’s pets. That thought had never left her. When she told me about a friend who had the same talent for connecting with animals. She let me know that they had found each other at school and exchanged numbers. Caroline had been a student teacher and this friend Cecelia was a school Mom… they agreed to meet mid August. It was time. Enthusiastic about making contact, her dream came together with a name.. the Animal Inn— no— she said it has to be in English for the foreign visitors— it needs to be the International Animal Inn!

I invited her to close her eyes and envision the place. She saw a field with lots of spaces… she saw herself and many animale all cohabiting. When a asked her how she looked – she responded, happy, relaxed, neutral and natural.

I shared with her one of my dreams-come true. I had had a dream to live in France from the time i was-able to say French words When I was 22, I was a teacher at the école Français a bilingual French school in New York. While there i learned about the Winter Olympics in Grenoble. I had a passion to go over and work for the Olympics. I wrote 35 letters to hotels and inns in Grenoble to no avail. Being on a teachers salary, there was no travel budget and my parents were not interested in sponsoring my dream… Driven by ny passion to go abroad, I had a neighbor who worked for a quiz show. I asked him if I could be on his show. I won $1.000.00 went down the West Side Highway to The docks and bought a one way ticket to Cherbourg, France and a train ticket to Grenoble. Once there, by chance, I met the food and beverage director at the Park Hotel and he introduced me to Erick the American recruiter for ABC Television looking for staff for the Press. Eric hired me after a pre-arranged meeting, Miraculously, I passed the test. I was in and on my way to my Olympic dream.

After telling my miracle mitsfa, Caroline asked if she could share something with me- her last animal care-taking experience was as a volunteer, a job working with a shelter in Ko Lanta, Thailand. Coincidentally, I own a Villa on that Island so our mutual experience magically doubled as I shared my love for the island. She wanted to go back to the shelter at Christmas time. A shiver of recognition went through both of us as, I told her that dreams really do come true… and,… you have to be a believer. Having desire, willingness, belief and commitment is the winning formula for making the seemingly impossible happen. If I could do it so could she. I invited her to have contact with me and I invited her to avoid negative thoughts about her project and to focus on the positieve. We made a pact to stay connected during the launch of her dream job.

Her next words were spoken with a tear… she announced that I was the first one to hear her desire, dream and she was going to go for it.


Ask yourself:

  1. When was the last time you were happy?
  2. What were you doing?
  3. If you could get paid doing one of your hobbies what would that be?
  4. Do you believe in the seemingly impossible?
  5. When was the last time something magical happened?
  6. When was the last coincidence, synchronicity, apiece of good luck happened?
  7. Would you be willing to believe in the magic moments that happen as meant to be?
  8. When was the last time some piece of fortune came your way- out of-no where
  9. When was the last time you had to remind the sun to get up or the moon to go down? When was the last time you had to put out the stars?
  10. When was the last time you noticed all that happens in a day that you don’t have to control…and that it all works just fine

If you are feeding your own negativity and wasting time worrying about things not working, consider trusting the universe and the infinite wisdom. There is a divine plan and it all works. We have all the answers inside. Take a look!


Opening the doors to Dubai Magic

Opening the doors to Dubai Magic

By Lynn U Stewart


When the green lights of new vistas are on, those times need to be acknowledged. They are not always green, but when they are… they need to be celebrated. This is a story about green lights, magic, and new introductions.

My family took me to Budapest for my birthday. It was a momentous occasion filled with my favorite things: team-teaching the MMS Coach Training, willing participants, great hotel, fine dining and sightseeing. All of those ingredients were in place including our self-appointed tour guide Csaba, a local MMS/ICF ACC Coach and a very dear friend had volunteered to give us the Budapest tour of a lifetime.

While sitting in the backseat of his Range Rover, Cherie, my business partner and sister, was talking about all of the activities and series of coincidences all circling around the subject of Dubai. Over the last few weeks no matter where we were, the subject of people moving to Dubai, or knowing someone in Dubai had been popping up on our radar screen. For some reason Dubai was the new conversation. At that very moment, Csaba, behind the wheel commented, “I used to work for Emirates Airlines and there are some dear people in my life who live and work in Dubai. Perhaps it is time for me to introduce you and MMS coaching to my Dubai friends? “

His suggestion was met with approval. However, although Csaba’s words had planted a seed who knew when the subject would be revisited… and so, our city tour continued without a plan.

That Tuesday, we did the MMS Coaching seminar. At lunch Csaba picked up this thread from the weekend tour. He shared that it was time to connect us to his friend in Dubai. The iPhone was dialed, introductions were made, and a conversation was initiated. The connection was made, and an invitation was extended from Dubai to us. Plane reservations were made, hotels reserved, the dates were selected.

On a Friday in June we went to Dubai. Magic was in the air.

Csaba introduced us to Mana and the project was explored at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, the only 7-star hotel in the world. What about an ICF/MMS Coach Training in the Gulf? Not only was the idea embraced with open arms, the possibility of visiting and working in the Emirates was on the table.

Mana saw the project as a contribution to his people and the doors of possibilities opened wide. The notion of introducing men and women from the Middle East to the spirit of coaching was in front of us and the excitement was exhilarating.

When we left Dubai that day, we were blessed with the invitation to return in a month’s time to ground the business relationships and plan our first MMS/ICF/ACSTH Coach Training.

A birthday visit launched a whole new world for people in the Middle East. Dubai was to become the recipient of a new frontier for our MMS footprints.

As of February 26th, we have just completed the first half of our MMS ICF ACSTH 60-hour Coach Training program in Dubai! Part B will be in early April. New chances and choices and opportunities are blossoming for people in the Gulf

What messages have you been hearing lately ? What opportunities are at your door step. What silent whispers have you ignored?
Be ready for the moment to pop up when you least expect it, follow your dreams, take action instantly, and see what happens.

Today allow your self to say yes to life and see what magic your new introductions can yield.  

Visit MMS Dubai website.

The Perfect Path to Partnering

The Perfect Path to Partnering


Lynn U Stewart

I had given up on men. After 17 years of being on my own, I was pretty clear that singlehood was my future… that is until a series of incidents occurred and changed my mind. Let me explain.

I sat in my Santa Barbara living room interviewing the next couple to be our housemates. A very attractive middle-aged couple sat across from me. As I asked them about their lives, and lifestyle preferences I casually asked Tom and Eva, “How did you meet?” Their proud answer came back fast…!

I took my bulkhead seat on the United Flight back to my Amsterdam home. A middle-aged attractive woman took her place next to me. We flew across the ocean between Newark and The Netherlands, and she regaled me with stories about her man Tim. As the plane quieted down to let the passengers rest for the ten hour crossing, I asked her where she had met him. With quiet certainty and no shame she said, “Well,”

In the airport at the end of the journey there was a couple that assisted me with my bags. Kind, connectable, and comfortable being my baggage handling helpers supporting me in organizing my luggage, we struck up a small conversation. They shared that they were on a small holiday enjoying their time together. All of a sudden as if I were taking a survey, I heard myself ask the magic question, “How did you meet?” The response was a shock. As if all roads lead to one destination, I heard the whisper, “”

Whenever I hear the same answer three times in a row, I stop, look, and listen. This was incident #3 and the magic number resonated in my heart. I was being asked by the universe to be a candidate/participant on

Upon my return to my Herengracht apartment in Amsterdam, I told my family of the synchronicity. My business-partner, author, sister asked me if she could write my profile. Delighted with the impromptu offer, I enthusiastically responded with a resounding “Yes! What a pleasure!” To my surprise, she jumped on the project and produced a document that filled me with both joy and peace.

That night, I joined and started the process. To my great surprise, the site was a Dutch url and my “not-yet-so-perfect-command” of the Dutch language proved to be my next challenge. Just as I was struggling with my first response, the phone rang with Charlotte, my neighbor, sweetly checking in on the other end of the iPhone. Charlotte then suggested screen sharing on Skype so she could assist me with the Dutch questions. I was “all in” and actually enthusiastic about her joining my team to manifest my partner. What a “mitsfa,” what a series of synchronicities was on my path, as green lights kept flashing at my destiny. I was having fun with this and my support team was assembling as I sourced my answers.


That night the project was effortlessly launched. The relationship door was magically opening and the next chapter was about to open. The very next day a response came to me and the next story begins.

Is fate knocking at your door? Are you tuning into your messages? Are you willing to read the clues and let the universe deliver on your wildest dreams? Are you willing to believe that it is never too late? May I invite you to stop, look, and listen to the whispers of your own guidance?

Out of the Box Thinking Part 2


Expect Miracles Series

by Lynn U Stewart


1967, Grenoble, France

I was trained to be an elementary school teacher. I taught for four years, with the final two years at the Êcole Françaises, a bilingual French school in New York City. While there, I learned to ski and spent vivid weekends in Vermont.

As I taught at the Ėcole, my passion for France grew. It was 1967, and the year of the first televised Olympic games. A desire began to brew within me to travel to France and work for the Olympics. Being on a teacher’s salary, however, there was no way to underwrite that dream—I had to get creative.

My neighbor, David, was the producer on a TV show called Snap Judgment. After several conversations I convinced him to give me a chance to audition for his TV show.  I had an enchanted third meeting with “guest talent” was chosen. That magical day I won $1,000! When the check arrived, I headed for the United States cruise line and bought a one-way ticket to Cherbourg, France.

Upon arrival, I took the train to Grenoble; this was to be my home for the next six months. On registration day at the university, I met Jacques, a restaurateur for the Park Hotel—a wonderful 5-star in central Grenoble. Having met him by chance, he invited me for lunch at his hotel. Our connection was undeniable. He liked me, and I liked him. He became my Olympic angel.

Every week I would go to either lunch or dinner at the Park and confided my Olympic dream in him.  Louise, my housemate, always joined me (as the invitation was dining for two.) Jacques was always busy with guests; he asked me to bring a friend, and I gladly obliged.

One afternoon, Jacques informed me that the staff from ABC, the American television network, had arrived at the Park. Having written over 30 solicitation letters without reply, I knew my chances for getting a job with ABC were slim. I introduced myself to the VP in charge of personnel, Eric Calder. I told him about my skills and qualifications, and to my great surprise, he invited me for an interview.

I was hired as a translator and hostess for the press. I was in charge of getting the press to and from the village/mountains to their various destinations. I was to take care of their French needs. From gloves, to vans, to hamburgers, my responsibilities were to see that their every wish was my command. Jim Mckay, Chris Schenkel, Roone Arledge, and Red Buttons were in my charge and I loved every minute of every day. Serving and supporting veteran Olympic stars and interviewers make their TV magic was my job description.

What I learned during that period was, “If I could dream it, I could do it!”  I made the seemingly impossible happen. I simply kept on going amid the “No’s” and the unresponsiveness of the Grenoble hospitality. I was determined to find my way into serving the Olympics.  Watching Jean Claude Keelie receive his gold medals changed my life.  The Grenoble Olympics launched my belief in serendipity, synchronicity, and causality.

Out of the Box Thinking


Expect Miracles Series

By Lynn U Stewart


If you keep doing what you are doing you’ll keep getting what you’ve got. Sometimes you have to do something different to change your results. This is one of those stories…

Ken had been an employee of the Hard Rock Café since he was 17. When I started working with him he was an unfulfilled, highly successful, executive restaurateur. He desperately wanted to do something different. He knew what he wanted; however, he didn’t think he could get there. In his heart he was an artist.

When we first met, he arrived with an intricate hand-carved box. Hidden within the mahogany box were delicately arranged stamps, carefully crafted with inspirational words. The box was sturdy, impressive, and beautifully created. When he told me exactly what he wanted, I heard him. He wanted to work with a design firm. With no credentials, no degrees, and no formal training, he was at a loss as to what to do.

As we sat together, he shared his passion with me. He had carved many objects of art, all of which were impressive. They demonstrated precision, imagination—an artistic eye. He had amazing attention to detail, and creative ideas that made the ordinary into extraordinary. I listened attentively to his story and asked him if he was ready to make something happen through his own creativity. That’s when I told him about coaching. We chose to work together, and the process begun.

In our first coaching session, of which there were two, he identified firms that got his attention. Unfortunately, he didn’t know anybody there. He simply thought they were the kind of businesses where he might enjoy working. There were four design firms in Santa Barbara, California. He chose to go with his special box of words and his big smile to each of the firms and “look around.” He chose to do the research on “which one was his place?”

The first two were clear no’s, the third was a maybe, and the fourth was a “yes.” The people were friendly and open. He asked for a meeting with the office manager. He defined his specialty, his unique selling point. He told them he was a specialist at “bringing order out of chaos.” He wanted to know if they could use his services. He let them know that he had no formal training but showed his box to illustrate his attention to detail and his design eye. The manager’s “no they didn’t need any help” was not a deterrent. Ken asked for a tour. As he walked around the office he saw one trouble spot— the mailroom. At the end of their walk-through, he asked if they might trust him with a project to demonstrate his skills. He cited the mailroom as a place that could use his help and offered to do a pro-bono project for the firm… just because! The manager met with his manager, and they chose to give him a chance.

After organizing the mailroom, Ken was hired and his creative career was launched.

Everyday Super Heroes


Expect Miracles series

by Lynn U Stewart


With 6 million, 355 people living in Bangkok, finding the same taxi twice is almost impossible. Once a taxi has left it is absorbed into a sea of traffic.

We had a tasty dinner at Rasayana*, a raw food restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. Being off the beaten track, it took the four of us, Michael, Chérie, René and me a while to even locate a taxi… but we finally found one to take us to the nearest MRT – the Thai underground train system. It had been a special evening with gourmet bits and bites of vegetarian specialties, lots of acknowledgements and we were all more than satisfied.

We exited the taxi and walked toward the MRT entrance; René turned to me in panic: “My blue bag is gone!” He was in total upset with the thought of losing his passport, cash, credit cards, and his boarding pass for the next morning. Chérie ushered us off to the side of the street out of the major pedestrian traffic and Michael proclaimed, “I am on it!” He streaked out of site, running after the vanished cab.

René had a “negattack” as he recounted how the incident happened. Chérie stood on the corner and I asked René to trust, “If it can be found Michael will bring it back. “

This calamity lasted about two minutes. René pulled himself out of the anxiety zone and moved into trust, I actively prayed for a miracle while Michael disappeared into the sea of traffic.

All of a sudden out of the crowd emerged Michael with the blue bag in hand. He had run down the street looking for the cab. After the second street, he got a message, turned around, took a hard right onto a side street and saw a parked cab. Without a thought Michael ran up to the window and insisted that the driver open the window and give him the bag that was sitting on the seat. Michael gave him a generous tip for his honesty and the recovery and ran back to be with all three of us… who were intending for a miracle.

René, thunderstruck with what had just happened, was overwhelmed with gratitude, not to mention amazement. The calamity was over and the impending doom had lifted, the precious bag was miraculously returned!

Overwhelmed with delight the thought of gifting Michael was the next desire that came to mind…René asked Michael if he could give him a new pair of running shoes that Michael had been wearing to retrieve the bag.

The men have a plan to go shopping for new running shoes that will assist Michael in making the seemingly impossible happen.

Is there an impossible situation in your life? Are you convinced that something is lost forever? A change in attitude can make the impossible possible!

However, we had to be believers to allow the universe to deliver the now famous, blue bag.

Visit Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott’s website
Visit Michael Pomije’s website
*Visit Rasayana Retreat website

From Grim to Great

A Turn Around

By Lynn U. Stewart


A ten day visit to Paradise; we were on our way to Ko Lanta Thailand. We were taking in the beauty of the island and beginning our vacation. We had traveled the whole day; it was time to settle in.

René, my new friend, had accompanied me for the Thailand trip. We had spent three days in Bangkok and the next leg of the trip was a five-hour journey to the island. The driver at the airport stopped for supplies at the local store and we were on our way to the ferry. With the New Years day traffic it seemed like waiting an eternity. Finally, we were on our way to the Villa. Once there in darkness, we started to unpack.

Our first night was challenging. While unpacking I took a corner too swiftly and caught my ankle on the edge of my Thai bed. Within seconds, the blood began to ooze from a three inch wound to my shin.

It was 8:00 at night on a hospital-deprived Island, a primitive little oasis in the Andaman Sea. This was the second accident I had had since coming to Bangkok. The first was the step up into a Tuk-Tuk where I scraped my ankle against the sharp threshold and within seconds I was watching a stream of blood sliding down my leg. A visit to Praram 9 Hospital, a Doctors visit and a Tetanus shot got me up and running. I could feel comfortable to go to the villa in peace, as Ko Lanta has no hospital the closest one is in Phuket three hours away. So far I had done all the right things to prepare for our precious winter break. So the second hit to the same leg was a crushing blow.   Not only was it painful, but cuts to the shin are always a tricky place for healing… especially in the tropics.

It took me 30 minutes to regroup, but I was able to wrap up the wound and make our way across the street to Cook Kai, a familiar Thai restaurant known to all of us for over eight years. There we met owner Cook Kai and Nom a friendly waitress who expressed their condolences for my wounded leg. That night I heard about South Lanta clinic, a place fifteen minutes away by Tuk Tuk and with a good reputation.

The next morning René and I made our way to the clinic. After letting four Tuk-Tuks go by, we chose the fifth one with a driver called Sos. Who knew he would be our driver for the next six days. At the clinic we found Dr. Kan and his professional team of healers. Warm and professional, fifteen stitches later, armed with water-proof band-aids, anti-inflammatories with antibiotics in hand I was back in business. We stopped to celebrate my win.   What we found were five fortuitous discoveries that came out of this unfortunate set of circumstances.

  1. Kan was our first doctor to know on our island. American educated in Rhode Island, he was to be our G.P from now on. His stitches were plastic surgeon perfect/world class as was his attitude toward customer service.
  2. The nurses in the clinic had been assigned to me. And every day they would monitor my progress and take care of redressing my wounds.
  3. The clinic was fifteen minutes away and open from 8:00 until 18:00 every day.
  4. They took care of my Bangkok wound and my Ko Lanta stitches all in one go with Dutch insurance to take care of it all.
  5. As a consummate caretaker and leader on the vacation, I had to turn over the care of us to René who did a great job.

Is there a situation in your life that you find hopeless? Try reframing it to find the good in each situation that seems impossible.