Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 16.25.27MMS is the original Coach Training since 1975 and has trained Coaches around the world.

Since 1974, MMS has been actively developing cutting edge programs and trainings for corporations, CEO’s, business owners, and individuals to achieve optimal success, and make their visions, dreams, and goals a reality. In order to do this, we’ve formulated strategies and streamlined techniques that transcend expectations and guarantee results.

Over the course of 40 years, MMS has trained more than 1,000 associated MMS certified coaches across the globe, in 24 countries, on five continents. In 1988 our programs crossed the ocean and became available in the Netherlands.

Our Training Programs & Services:

MMS Coach Training:

The MMS Coach Training is an ICF accredited program, and is offered in two distinct platforms: MMS Corporate Coach Training and MMS Personal Coach Training.

MMS Corporate Coach Training is a corporate sponsored program, and objectives are generally business, client, career development, or management specific.

The MMS Personal Coach Training is paid for personally, and the objectives are focused on personal items such as: relationships, finances, and skill-development. While there can be some crossover in objectives, these two platforms are approached very differently from a training perspective.

MMS Inner Negotiation Workshop

The MMS Inner Negotiation Workshop, while part of the Personal Development Programs, is such a transformative training that it warrants mention separately. This workshop is lead by MMS Coach Training graduates, and is ideal for an individual seeking or anticipating a significant life-change.

MMS Corporate Trainings


MMS Worldwide Institute provides live training in a variety of categories that is fully customizable to the needs of the client. While we list several trainings below, this is not a complete list of offerings. Additionally, this list can be expanded based upon need. Available trainings include but are not limited to: Career Coaching, Change Management, Client Communication, Coaching Skills, Consultative Sales, Goal Setting, Interviewing Skills, Leadership Skills, Legendary Customer Service, Mentoring, Performance Appraisal, Performance Coaching, Presentation Skills, Relationship-Based Feedback, Self-Management, Stress Management, Women in Leadership, and Working in Harmony.

MMS Personal Development Programs

MMS Worldwide Institute values personal development. We believe that an individual willing to invest time in improvement is an asset to any company—large or small. Some of the Personal Development offerings include: Relationship Course, Self-Empowering Course, Living the Process, Motivating & Managing Your Teen, and I Love My Body.

vtMMS Virtual Training

The MMS Virtual Training, accessible at, is globally ubiquitous with 20 courses and hundreds of modules in Coaching and Management Development. These courses are sold in six different packages that include the: MMS HR Package, MMS Leadership Package, MMS Employee Growth Package, MMS Coach Training Package, MMS Management Development Package, and the MMS Mega Pack. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, training is never more than a click away!

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