Life Coaching

10An MMS trained coach is someone who is a facility, an aid to another person in getting where he is already going. It is someone who can allow another person to cut through his mind, get in touch with his inner essence and know exactly what he wants.

The coaching process is the opposite of being an expert. It is about being bonded to another person and going on a journey into his inner world to find out his secret truths.

An MMS trained coach is someone who can get out of the way and be a mirror for another person who wants to take a close look at himself.

  • He can set aside his own concerns or worries and be present with and for another
  • He can accept the client as he is and encourage him to go for what he wants
  • He listens, intuits, and probes
  • He connects with another’s essence and creates a safe environment in which the client can choose
  • He blends male and female energy: the female being accepting, receptive, and loving coupled with the male energy, which is probing, thrusting, and causative. The blend of the two validate where the person is and encourage him to go for what he wants.

The Coaching Process

The process is catalytic for self-discovery in that people discover their own answers to confusing situations. The environment needs to be safe, supportive, and empowering in order for people to find out what they truly want.

The process is similar to opening an oyster and finding a pearl inside, or compressing and polishing a piece of coal and revealing a diamond within. The treasure or answer always resides within, but layers of confusion, doubt, uncertainty and fear often camouflage it. The challenge is penetrating through the layers of ‘I don’t know’ and piercing through to the ‘I know’. The process is ultimately simple and infinitely profound.

The coach asks open-ended questions, suspends judgment, creates a safe environment encouraging the client to use his imagination and explore his fantasies. He has no agenda, nor does he know what is next, or what is best for the client. The coach doesn’t give any of his own good ideas.

People who believe in themselves manifest their dreams, and those who don’t, sell themselves short. It isn’t enough to help people find out what they want, it is essential to support them in believing in themselves, in knowing that they deserve to have what they want, and are able to have their dreams come true.

The programs focus on the individual and his/her ability to grow and flourish in life. In addition, the programs help people interact more effectively, both on and off the job. In one-to-one sessions the same essential issues are addressed:

  • How can I have what I want in my life
  • How can I have the job that utilizes my abilities and skills, gives me a sense of satisfaction, and rewards me monetarily
  • How can I have the primary relationship that I want?
  • How can I have the home environment that I want?
  • How can I have the body that I want?
  • How can I feel good about myself?
  • How can I have my business be the way that I want it?
  • How can I design the life that makes me feel like my dreams have come true?


The process has three parts:

1) Determining and/or clarifying what you want

2) Strategizing an action plan

3) Being supported in the realization of the dream.

The process is session specific, focused, results oriented and short term. There is a definite beginning, middle, and end to every coaching project. The coach is not so much interested in the “why” or the “how” as the “what”. The most frequently asked questions are: What do you want? What does it look like? What will it take? What do you need to do to get there?