Life Coaching

Designing with you your desired future


Relationship Coaching

Relationships have their challenges. Sometimes what it takes is a bit of clarity to understand where we are and how to proceed. I can help you access your desires and feelings and take action. 

Executive Coaching

Perhaps you have a big project coming up but your team is not performing according to the expectations. Maybe you’re struggling to create an encouraging environment where everyone can contribute to the team. You may even be looking at a corporate transformation. With my years of experience in executive and corporate coaching, I can help you identify your objectives and empower you to find the best solutions to have your business or your team succeed in any situation.

Transition Coaching

Transition periods are often the trickiest in our lives. They can bring new beginnings and transformations, but at the same time this means having to close other chapters and risk losing something precious. Be it the end of a relationship or the beginning of a new career, the transition to motherhood or the discovery of a new passion : with me as your coach I will assist you to get clarity and insight about how to solve these complicated situations and find your best way to start that new chapter of your life.

Career Coaching

So many people wake up every morning to go to work at job that doesn’t give them any sense of fulfillment or happiness. Finding the right fit for you is often a stressful and unforgiving task. But what if your dream job were right around the corner, and you were just missing the courage to go for it? What if you all you needed is someone to help you see with clarity what you want from your career, and to help you find the way.      I have worked for 45 years as a coach supporting people find their way in life. Book a session with me to take the next step in making your dream career become a reality!

Take the next step towards your personal and professional greatness!