Taking charge rather than taking orders is the future!

My name is Lynn U. Stewart, MCC and I’ve been coaching for 41 years with the MMS: Motivation Management Service. Coaching is my passion. I delight in helping people making their wishes, dreams and goals become reality. If you want to make your dreams come true and believe you have your own answers inside, please contact me for a complimentary zero session.

The coaching process is catalytic for self-discovery in that people discover their own answers to confusing situations. The environment needs to be safe, supportive, and empowering in order for people to find out what they truly want.

The process is similar to opening an oyster and finding a pearl inside, or compressing and polishing a piece of coal and revealing a diamond within. The treasure or answer always resides within, but layers of confusion, doubt, uncertainty and fear often camouflage it. The challenge is penetrating through the layers of ‘I don’t know’ and piercing through to the ‘I know’. The process is ultimately simple and infinitely profound.

Lynn U. Stewart has co-authored three books, order them now!

Client Testimonials

Lynn U. Stewart
Tears are the dewdrops of the soul.