Ronald de Haas
Lynn is an extraordinary capabale and experienced coach and facilitator. She is a great listener, empathic with a strong focus on follow through. She has an sharp mind, great business acumen and also knows how to bring lightness and fun into the situation. I have learned a lot from her and recommend her to anyone who looks for an exceptional coach.

Suzan Verzijden
Lynn has been my coach since 2011. She has supported me in changing my life in the way I wanted. As a coach she is focussed, intelligent, persistent when necessary and above all warm and funny.I can recommend Lynn to everyone who wants a supercoach.

Manon Schraa
Lynn is an extraordinary woman and excellent coach and facilitator. As a result of her coaching, workshops and training I experience more power, joy and fulfillment in my life. I most admire her capacity of seeing what's possible for people and supporting them making their dreams come true. She's inspiring and lots of fun to work with.

Len Even, Director General & CEO

I have been a client of MMS and Lynn Stewart for ten years now and am very thankful for the support I have received in making my own personal and career moves.  During this time I have made two important career decisions and one international move with my family.  The coaching and insight I received while working with Lynn helped me reach the challenging decision to undertake these life-changing events.   I am happy to report that I have made significant career progress and am thrilled to have reached this position in my life!

Part of the process has included documenting my acknowledgments, those positive daily experiences which often occur and can otherwise be forgotten.  My acknowledgments book is now a thick notebook full of reminders of events and feelings that provided me with positive feedback or satisfaction every day.  I see it as a kind of diary with a purpose, reminding me of years’ worth of experiences that cumulatively reflect so many moments that I felt appreciated, valued and generous.

Kate Gentile
Lynn makes an art out of asking questions. By listening intently and then confronting me with simple, answerable questions, she was able to cut through the clutter in my head and simplify a seemingly complex, overwhelming problem. Lynn did not provide me with any answers, but instead led me to find my own. Her patience, intention, and guidance are the marks of a great teacher, coach and leader.

Thank you, Lynn!

Gregor Schmalz
I took the MMS Coach Training in summer 2014. The Coaching Training (CT) did not only match, but exceeded my expectations. The MMS coaches are all extraordinary and the the concept and content of the training is proven in the market. I can strongly recommend MMS for any individual who wants to experience an inner journey with outer impact or a transformational change. Especially Lynn Stewart is one of the top coaches of MMS who accompanied me during the whole training, sessions and CT. With her huge set of experience in coaching, extraordinary gift of active listening and asking the right questions at the right time she brought myself to new horizons with excellent results for me - in private life as well as my new professional direction. I strongly can recommend the MMS Coach Training and Lynn to all people who want achieve what they set as their own objectives.