Ronald de Haas, Professional Certified Coach

Lynn is an extraordinary capabale and experienced coach and facilitator. She is a great listener, empathic with a strong focus on follow through. She has an sharp mind, great business acumen and also knows how to bring lightness and fun into the situation. I have learned a lot from her and recommend her to anyone who looks for an exceptional coach.

Jesús Rodríguez

It was a real privilege to have you in our congress in Madrid (Spain). Your presentation (“Embracing the Gift of the Mirror”) was just impressive and wonderful. We all felt very fortunate people… So thanks again for your generosity, your commitment and for helping us to further our mission of bringing coaching to the world. You embody the values of excellence, respect, integrity and collaboration than anyone else. You are pure energy, vitality and so genuine. You are just… divine!!!

Len Even, former Director General of Marianapolis College, Montreal Canada

I have been a client of Lynn for 10 years now and am very thankful for the support I have received in making my own personal and career moves. The coaching and insight I received helped me reach the challenging decision to undertake these life-changing events. I have made significant career progress and am thrilled to have reached this position in my life!

Carlijn Schornagel

Something is happening when you are in a coach-session with Lynn! She is really inspiring. Being coached by her is an enriching experience. My doubts and hesitations were disappearing which gave me lots of energy. She is creating break throughs in a natural way. The result is that it gave me the strength to do the things I really want to do!

Suzan Verzijden, Life Coach

Lynn has been my coach since 2011. She has supported me in changing my life in the way I wanted. As a coach she is focussed, intelligent, persistent when necessary and above all warm and funny.I can recommend Lynn to everyone who wants a supercoach.

Marijke Reiring MBA, PCC

Lynn is a great coach and facilitator of transformational change. She has the ability to inspire and support people to change into the best person they want to be. Due to her light, intense and warm coaching, I have much more fun and trust in myself and enjoy every day of my life. Lynn supports change for individuals and for whole groups or teams. Her humor, lightness and exceptional stories touch everybody. She is also a superior connector and bonds people all over the world. She is an example for lots of people in living your life to the fullest. I can recommend her to anyone who wants to make a step forward in creating a wonderful life.

Monica E. Lenches

I first met Cherie Carter-Scott and Lynn Stewart at an Inner Negotation Workshop in 1998. I had never before experienced such genuine unconditional and judgement-free support and acceptance. I knew from that profound experience that I had found something very special, and that I wanted to cultivate this new-found potential for healing and change. To this end, I immersed myself in all of their training programs and embarked on a life-long, transformational journey of self-discovery and awakening. 

The MMS “Mind-Feeling-Being” model and their unique approach to facilitating and coaching are unrivaled, and the most authentic, powerful and integerous approach to personal growth and development I have ever experienced…and this remains true for me 14 years later! In fact, it is my conviction that this process is truly revolutionary! For my 40th birthday, with the tireless support of these remarkable women, I discovered my life’s vision, mission and purpose. I am grateful beyond measure to Cherie and Lynn for their contribution to my life and to humanity.

Leticia B. Oliver, PCC

I attended the MMS Accredited Coach Training Program in Bangkok where Lynn was a trainer. I quickly felt hosted by her warming attitude. She has an extreme capacity to connect with others. Her coaching skills are incredibly powerful and profound. She brings light and joy to this world as you cannot imagine. It has been a pleasure for me to learn from her so I can also help others in finding the art of living with fun and ease. Thanks!

Andrey Melnikov

Lynn has been my executive coach for some time now. Her abilities to help uncover what you truly want in life and tap into internal sources of energy and motivation are just incredible. She is a very positive person with lots of practical wisdom, that she generously shares. You have to be lucky to have such a person on your side in a life journey.

Rosane de Abreu França

Lynn has been a light in my path, I had the amazing opportunity to be coached by her, then I followed the MMS programs and eventually had the honour of working together! Lynn has an incredible gift of inspiring, motivating and helping people to bring the best of themselves, find their passion and live it! I am grateful for the priceless lessons I have learned and for the person she has enabled me to become, Me!!

Jessica Austin, Hudson Master Coach, PCC

Lynn welcomed me onto her MMS Coach Training team in The Netherlands last year, and I am cherishing every moment I have to learn from and collaborate with her. She is a masterful coach, facilitator, mentor, team leader, and a beautiful human being inside and out. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have her as a mentor, and to be on her team facilitating the powerful MMS Coach Training. Thank you, Lynn! You truly are a gift.

Manon Swaving, Life Coach and Trainer

Lynn is an extraordinary woman and excellent coach and facilitator. As a result of her coaching, workshops and training I experience more power, joy and fulfillment in my life. I most admire her capacity of seeing what’s possible for people and supporting them making their dreams come true. She’s inspiring and lots of fun to work with.

Maarten Pompen

I like to do things differently and not go with the flow. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. But having this powerful feeling in me encouraged me enough to make a start… So, I quit my job…

 …After nine years of working for the company, I decided to quit. I knew that staying at this company was not an option anymore, my work/life balance with three kids, a wife, friends and family, and some sport activities to stay fit was not possible to combine anymore and gave me a lot of stress which resulted in voice disappearance and allergic reactions on my skin. After a day of hard work, all the energy was gone, we put the kids into bed and started to work again, so there wasn’t any time to get energized again.

The day I quit my job I had an appointment with Lynn. When I met Lynn, my heart was still pumping adrenaline, because It was a big shock for the team, the CEO and also myself that I was going to leave the company! My future all of a sudden became uncertain. It felt like I sat on a stool chair with three legs at first, but I kicked one of the legs away, and I was completely out of balance. 

Lynn and I sat down and the adrenaline slowly left my body. Lynn calmed me and told me stories about finding your passion and following your path. She made me at ease and made me feel certain and confident about the choice quitting my job. We started a lovely conversation about my passion and with all the Cristal clear questions from Lynn we found my passion and even better; turned my passion into a business model! 

Before quitting my job, I had Lynn on the phone, where she told me a beautiful story about finding your passion, and how everyone has got one. After she told me the story of her friend who was in love with dogs since she was little and, eventually started a dog hotel, she convinced me, that everybody has got a passion. Although I didn’t know mine yet.

I wasn’t really sure if I ever had one. At least I told myself, because I just didn’t know the answer. Lynn asked me which posters were on my wall when I was a small boy. My life was about cars! My room was full of scale model cars, there were posters everywhere about cars, and I have even built my own R/C (Radio Controlled) scale race car with an electric engine and battery pack that went up to 100 km/h! I was so proud about that one! 

So, there was my passion; electric cars, and now what? We spoke and had many thoughts about possibilities until Lynn asked me: “What is your location?” For me it had to be Circuit Zandvoort and it all added up. For the last 6 months I am creating EV (Electric Vehicle) Experiences at Circuit Zandvoort!

Status after the first 6 months: I feel energized, traded travel time for running time, have got much more time for kids, wife, friends and family, I am doing what I love, and best of all: I wrote this article on the beach on a Monday morning!

I want to thank Lynn a million times for helping me feeling confident in what I do, making the right decisions at the right time!

Which posters were on your wall when you were little? Have a chat with Lynn and she will guide and help you, to follow the thing you love. When you get on that stream you can go with your own flow!

Take the next step towards your personal and professional greatness!