“If the Pandemic was the bad news, I wonder where the good news was hiding? Why was this happening and what do we need to learn. Was it the Earth fighting back and telling us to clean up our act and our air? Is it our oceans screaming to be cleaned and cleansed? Was it the trees telling us to leave the forests alone and stop collecting timber? Was it the teachers asking parents to partner in their child’s education? Where are we going and what are we doing in our offices all over the world? Is it the world leaders having to bond together against a common enemy? Is human health the bond? Is that going to put an end to starvation, war, greed, and injustice? Is it time to revisit our ways of operating? Are we all at home masked, gloved, and tucked away from each other, practicing social distancing to review our lives? Is the end or the beginning of a new era? These are big questions that offer serious lessons.”

Excerpt from ”Manifesting a Magical Mindset… You too can have it all, By Lynn U. Stewart

This video was made by Monica Lenches of Santa Barbara Ca and a group of colleagues, friends and families for my birthday to say thank you to me. It is a beautiful piece that is important to be shared, passed on or… “paid forward.”

Are we representing the collective saying thank you to the universe for a wake up call? Is the world just asking us to tune in and smell the coffee. It is time for reflection it is time to go inside and to see what we are to learn. It is with great Gratitude that I say thank you to all who contributed to this video to say thank you to me and now the universe for checking in with all of us – – not just the few of us but everyone across the globe.