Monthly Archives: January 2019

New Doors – New Windows – New Vistas

Is there something with which you are putting up that is cumbersome, annoying and time consuming? In spite of the irritation, you keep making excuses for why you don’t have it fixed? Well, the magnificent accordion glass doors that open onto the pool and sea of our family holiday home were just such a challenge. The doors have been a hassle for years but we have band-aided the problem, as the issue was daunting.

This year was no exception… And this December, only one accordion side opened at all. The trusty wooden doors were swollen and it took a heavy lifter to get the doors open and closed. Challenged again, we chose to abandon opening the doors at all.

As life would have it, Augusta, our neighbour for ten years, miraculously took her holiday the same week as we. When we discovered that our weeks were to overlap, we arranged to get together. Unbeknown to us, Augusta had had a similar problem with her doors, and she had them replaced by manager Michael. She raved about her new doors and gave us a tour – blown away by the ease, grace, elegance and care-free structure, the doors were a heartbeat away from us. Michael not only gave us a price, a date and time, he recommended his crew of three and blessed us with coming over three times to manage the project.

On the 27th of December, the men arrived. They divested us from the ten-year-old folding glass doors and replaced the full wall expanse with a practical six-glass slider that opened to both sides. An enormous break through – the new doors are easy-care, clean lined, smooth and pragmatic. With two fingers one person can open and close the doors in nanoseconds. The pièce de résistance was Michael’s maid service which dusted the living area from top to bottom… leaving the space in impeccable order after a major overhaul and redo. This all happened is eight hours. What was a hassle, a headache and an unresolved five-year issue resulted in a source of joy and relief – and a new vista on the Andaman Sea.

Are you willing to reassess those issues that trouble you? Is there something irritating that seems not to have a solution? This New Year may I invite you to look at taking one thing from your “not working” list and move it forward. Perhaps there is an easy unseen solution you had not considered before, or an Augusta neighbour with an insight or an answer that instantly meets your need. The answer could be steps away from your front door. Reaching out to say hello might be all that it takes to open up a new vista of relaxation, joy and pride.