Opening the doors to Dubai Magic

By Lynn U Stewart

When the green lights of new vistas are on, those times need to be acknowledged. They are not always green, but when they are… they need to be celebrated. This is a story about green lights, magic, and new introductions.

My family took me to Budapest for my birthday. It was a momentous occasion filled with my favorite things: team-teaching the MMS Coach Training, willing participants, great hotel, fine dining and sightseeing. All of those ingredients were in place including our self-appointed tour guide Csaba, a local MMS/ICF ACC Coach and a very dear friend had volunteered to give us the Budapest tour of a lifetime.

While sitting in the backseat of his Range Rover, Cherie, my business partner and sister, was talking about all of the activities and series of coincidences all circling around the subject of Dubai. Over the last few weeks no matter where we were, the subject of people moving to Dubai, or knowing someone in Dubai had been popping up on our radar screen. For some reason Dubai was the new conversation. At that very moment, Csaba, behind the wheel commented, “I used to work for Emirates Airlines and there are some dear people in my life who live and work in Dubai. Perhaps it is time for me to introduce you and MMS coaching to my Dubai friends? “

His suggestion was met with approval. However, although Csaba’s words had planted a seed who knew when the subject would be revisited… and so, our city tour continued without a plan.

That Tuesday, we did the MMS Coaching seminar. At lunch Csaba picked up this thread from the weekend tour. He shared that it was time to connect us to his friend in Dubai. The iPhone was dialed, introductions were made, and a conversation was initiated. The connection was made, and an invitation was extended from Dubai to us. Plane reservations were made, hotels reserved, the dates were selected.

On a Friday in June we went to Dubai. Magic was in the air.

Csaba introduced us to Mana and the project was explored at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, the only 7-star hotel in the world. What about an ICF/MMS Coach Training in the Gulf? Not only was the idea embraced with open arms, the possibility of visiting and working in the Emirates was on the table.

Mana saw the project as a contribution to his people and the doors of possibilities opened wide. The notion of introducing men and women from the Middle East to the spirit of coaching was in front of us and the excitement was exhilarating.

When we left Dubai that day, we were blessed with the invitation to return in a month’s time to ground the business relationships and plan our first MMS/ICF/ACSTH Coach Training.

A birthday visit launched a whole new world for people in the Middle East. Dubai was to become the recipient of a new frontier for our MMS footprints.

As of February 26th, we have just completed the first half of our MMS ICF ACSTH 60-hour Coach Training program in Dubai! Part B will be in early April. New chances and choices and opportunities are blossoming for people in the Gulf

What messages have you been hearing lately ? What opportunities are at your door step. What silent whispers have you ignored?
Be ready for the moment to pop up when you least expect it, follow your dreams, take action instantly, and see what happens.

Today allow your self to say yes to life and see what magic your new introductions can yield.  

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