Sometimes endings are the beginnings. How did I get from Aspen to Bangkok?

The first Coach Training outside of California was to be in Colorado. I was chosen to be the resident leader. I knew that Colorado was snow and horse country. Horses had been a passion. Maybe, after ten years of deprivation, they might return.

The first Aspen Coach Training had 35 people… I established a coaching practice, built a community, commuted between Colorado, Wyoming and the East Coast, lead, coached, taught and trained. Mary, a friend/colleague and CT participant, invited me to ride with her. For the first time since Daddy sold our horses, ten years prior, horses were back. Filled with gratitude and re-discovered passion, my sports life was re-invented. I purchased a horse, a house, and a jeep.

Every morning I started my coach-sessions at 6:00 with both East & West Coast and by 14:00 I was ready for the high country. In the Fall the horses went to grassy fields and skiing took their place. Skiing, horses, teaching-training were my dream-life-design.

One day life changed. While on a business trip Sweetie, my horse, escaped and was killed instantly on a treacherous thoroughfare. I returned to find her gone. Also wells were dry, leach field backed up and a differed five year mortgage payment due – all at the same time. Sweetie Pie’s death was the beginning of the end of a five year dream turned nightmare.

The final straw was my jeep’s demise. Within four hours of departing Aspen, a blinding snowstorm capsized the jeep. Miraculously, driver-friend Marek survived without a scratch. The jeep plus contents demolished, all earthly possessions instantly disappeared from my life.

It was once again time to assess life and reflect: was I being punished for some unexplainable deed or was there something more? If life is a Game, The Ten rules for Being Human authored by my dear sister, partner Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott (and many dear friends) helped to unearth a powerful lesson. In days, everything seemed to dissolve. After the initial shock of letting go, I had a choice, I could look at this situation as a disaster or…. dig deeper and see this situation as life trying to get my attention. It took me three months to learn the lesson and start again.

Re-frame: The Aspen community launched my travels with MMS. My life was to be spent with a bigger community – the next destination – Marin County, The Bay Area, Silicon Valley. LA. Corporate clients in Southern California and then Amsterdam – all were nipping at the heels of MMS.

If I had not read the signs to leave Aspen, I would not have started my journey. My travels have taken me all over the US, Europe and this month to the first Coach Training in Bangkok Thailand. The messages work miraculously and following the bouncing ball to the next destination is my future.

Expectations can program disappointment. When I was willing to open up to new possibilities, beyond my vision and scope, the door to the entire world opened to me.

It is an honor and a pleasure to be in Bangkok for this first launch of the Asian Coach Training. Well done by the Bangkok team: Cherie and Michael, Som & Witawat.