The Perfect Path to Partnering


Lynn U Stewart

I had given up on men. After 17 years of being on my own, I was pretty clear that singlehood was my future… that is until a series of incidents occurred and changed my mind. Let me explain.

I sat in my Santa Barbara living room interviewing the next couple to be our housemates. A very attractive middle-aged couple sat across from me. As I asked them about their lives, and lifestyle preferences I casually asked Tom and Eva, “How did you meet?” Their proud answer came back fast…!

I took my bulkhead seat on the United Flight back to my Amsterdam home. A middle-aged attractive woman took her place next to me. We flew across the ocean between Newark and The Netherlands, and she regaled me with stories about her man Tim. As the plane quieted down to let the passengers rest for the ten hour crossing, I asked her where she had met him. With quiet certainty and no shame she said, “Well,”

In the airport at the end of the journey there was a couple that assisted me with my bags. Kind, connectable, and comfortable being my baggage handling helpers supporting me in organizing my luggage, we struck up a small conversation. They shared that they were on a small holiday enjoying their time together. All of a sudden as if I were taking a survey, I heard myself ask the magic question, “How did you meet?” The response was a shock. As if all roads lead to one destination, I heard the whisper, “”

Whenever I hear the same answer three times in a row, I stop, look, and listen. This was incident #3 and the magic number resonated in my heart. I was being asked by the universe to be a candidate/participant on

Upon my return to my Herengracht apartment in Amsterdam, I told my family of the synchronicity. My business-partner, author, sister asked me if she could write my profile. Delighted with the impromptu offer, I enthusiastically responded with a resounding “Yes! What a pleasure!” To my surprise, she jumped on the project and produced a document that filled me with both joy and peace.

That night, I joined and started the process. To my great surprise, the site was a Dutch url and my “not-yet-so-perfect-command” of the Dutch language proved to be my next challenge. Just as I was struggling with my first response, the phone rang with Charlotte, my neighbor, sweetly checking in on the other end of the iPhone. Charlotte then suggested screen sharing on Skype so she could assist me with the Dutch questions. I was “all in” and actually enthusiastic about her joining my team to manifest my partner. What a “mitsfa,” what a series of synchronicities was on my path, as green lights kept flashing at my destiny. I was having fun with this and my support team was assembling as I sourced my answers.

That night the project was effortlessly launched. The relationship door was magically opening and the next chapter was about to open. The very next day a response came to me and the next story begins.

Is fate knocking at your door? Are you tuning into your messages? Are you willing to read the clues and let the universe deliver on your wildest dreams? Are you willing to believe that it is never too late? May I invite you to stop, look, and listen to the whispers of your own guidance?