They met on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship on June 26, 1990. It didn’t take long for their immediate connection to become apparent.

cherie and michael

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC was the motivational speaker aboard the ship, and Michael Pomije, ACC was not only an associate producer for NBC Sports, but also happened to be the director of entertainment for the evening entertainment aboard the Queen Elizabeth II. She had a speech the following morning and he attended with anticipation of what she would say. Following the event, she invited him to help receive payment for her book sales, and he readily agreed. The following night, he joined her table in the dining room, and their spark quickly ignited. After their meeting aboard the ship I received a phone call….

With enthusiasm in his voice, he began, “Hi, my name is Michael. I just left your sister on board and she said I have to meet you and attend an information evening about your Inner Negotiation Workshop.”

After a ten-minute talk, we etched out a plan. Michael would attend the information evening, and I would have a meeting with him afterwards to explore his wishes, dreams, and goals. Michael attended the INW in July 1990 in Santa Barbara, California. Together with twenty other people, he broke through barriers, reclaimed parts of himself he had lost along the way, and launched the next chapter of his life. He chose to explore new professional options and leave his current world of TV behind.

Succeeding the INW, Michael chose to participate in the MMS Coach Training. He spent the next three months exploring his options while learning the coaching process. Michael divided his months by attending the MMS Coach Training classes in Los Angeles, while experiencing his two lab weekends in Holland. Upon completion of his MMS Coach Training involvement, Michael, and my younger sister, Chérie continued their courtship.

One year later, after an intense process, Michael moved to Santa Barbara to cohabit within our home on Canon Drive. There the four of us, Michael, Chérie, Chérie’s daughter Jennifer, and I lived together. Together we weathered the bumps of integrating a new member into our little family, and Michael acclimated with readiness and meticulous care. For ten years, I watched as Michael developed into a leading lecture agent—with Chérie being his top speaker. As an unbeatable team, they traveled the world with one another. They danced through life enjoying each other’s company and their personal journey as a couple.

Some time later, the winds of change passed through their lives again. Chérie was invited to be a visiting professor at Webster University in Bangkok, Thailand. Not being able to withstand the distance of being away from his true love, Michael accompanied her on her journey. After a semester abroad, Chérie was invited for a presentation to the Thailand Stock Exchange. The event was filled with CEO’s from all across Thailand—the floodgates spilled open. Requests poured in from major Thai companies, all extending an invitation for her to train, speak, and educate their company leaders and employees. First, it was KPMG, then DHL, then VitalLife Anti-aging, followed by Mazars, and so on. Michael was overjoyed supporting, travelling, and partnering with Chérie, so they made a choice to train and coach together.

From being a support behind the scenes to today, Michael and Chérie stand next to one another, coaching and training for multi-nationals. In the spring of 2010, they conducted their first MMS Coaching Course for students at Webster University. After more than two decades, I couldn’t be more proud or jubilant to have had the privilege of watching Michael’s transformation. I have watched Michael go from being a TV executive to becoming a lecture agent, to teaching, training, and coaching side-by-side with Chérie and me. His commitment and dedication to MMS and coaching has made him the brilliant coach he is today.

If you’re interested in learning from this amazing coach, or experiencing your own transformation, Michael will be teaching again in Thailand this June. Michael is living his dream! He finds great joy in sharing both work and play with his soul mate, Chérie, and enjoys commuting between America, Amsterdam and Bangkok, Thailand.

From the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship to the MMS information evening is where one life story truly began. How will your MMS story begin, and whom will you share it with?

The possibilities are endless…

If you know someone who wishes to embark on a new life long journey, our upcoming Information Evening will be held on April 23, 2015 in Baarn.

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Lynn U Stewart, Director of The MMS Worldwide Institute B.V.